What are Elyos?

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In the video game called Aion, ‘Elyos’ refers to the group of Daeva warriors that reside in the lower half of the kingdom of Atreia.  Their land is called Elysea, and they battle the Asmodians which claim the upper half of Atreia.  The Elyos are considered good and kind warriors but transform to become beasts when it comes to fighting against their enemies in the so-called Millennium War.

The Aion’s game premise started with the Atreia kingdom as united.  In the previous eras, no Elyos and Asmodians existed since all of the people were united against a common enemy called the Baluar.  During the supposed peace negotiations, though, a fight ensued among various lords, and this resulted in the splitting of the Tower of Eternity.  This whole incident eventually led to the division of Atreia with the northern part occupied by the Asmodians and the southern part to the Elyos.

The Elyos are said to have received the gifts of Aion, and their land was given sunlight for 750 years of so.  Because of this light abundance, the Elyos grew to become beautiful and charming and friendly. They are governed by five Seraphim Lords, and this is the reason that they grow to have angel-like wings.  They are also bestowed with great strength from their Seraphim Lords which also protects them in battle  whenever needed.  With all their seemingly superior qualities, the Elyos are also not perfect in the sense that many of them also display arrogance.  Their superiority in terms of appearance is quite obvious especially when compared to the dark qualities of the Asmodians.  In terms of powers and abilities, the Elyos and Asmodians share similar skills.  This is to ensure that gamers will have a fair share of the deal when playing the game.  Nevertheless, the Elyos characters are always depicted as the more compassionate and friendlier faction in the world of Aion.

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