What are Deuces?

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What are Deuces?

The term “deuces” refer to a way of saying “peace” or “goodbye”. It is a common word in terms of internet slang or urban lingo. This means that older people may not get it when hearing the term “deuces” from teens and other young people.

A typical usage of the term deuces is when somebody leaves a room for example. Instead of saying the generic “goodbye” or “I’m going out” phrases, one may signal the peace sign with his/her fingers. The peace sign is made by flipping the middle and index fingers with the other fingers folded. It looks similar to counting to the number two. When somebody flashes this sign as he/she leaves a particular room, it may be described that this person gave the other people in the room deuces. In this same context, somebody leaving a group may also be described as giving his/her group the deuces. In these examples, giving the deuces represents a situation wherein a person flashing the peace sign with his/her fingers is leaving or saying goodbye.

But aside from the term’s correlation with bidding goodbye, some people use the term “deuces” when referring to a situation wherein a particular thing is almost at its end. Like when a person is smoking the last cigarette stick and somebody asks for a cigarette, upon knowing that this person is using the last stick then the other person asking could exclaim to at least give him/her the deuces.

As with any other urban term and internet slang, the term “deuces” may not be familiar and common to older and more mature people. Terms like this pop out regularly in chat rooms and blog sites giving birth to new words and phrases and adding more variety to everyday language and communication. With ever-growing increasing usage of the internet, various terms are used in chatrooms and social networking sites that may mean different things to different kinds of people.

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