What are cookies?

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A cookie is not only a thing made out of flour, baking powder and bits of chocolate. In this modern era, it is also a very intricate term used to define one of the internets most used function. Ever wondered how the history bar in our browser gets its information from. How all the stuff we do gets recorded on our various browsers? The cookies do not just record the web sites that we have visited but also every action that we perform. Each click, push, or copied link, including any other minor or major action is recorded and stored in the data of that browser. This data can be stored up to days, weeks and even months.


Although cookies can’t be used to download viruses or install malware on to the computer, they are a concern for most technical experts. Not because of the threat of a third party virus but a privacy issue brought on by recording very sensitive information on to the computer. The data used to input passwords and log into websites that have personal information is also stored in cookies. Although it is encrypted, it can be used as a way to hack into the account that way, thus a major concern for people these days. In fact, most hacking programs work on this software but do hack through cookies; you also require the same computer and all of the information of the cookies plus a very state of the art decryptor. But other than this concern, cookies are helpful not only to recall but to make up a data base of useful information thus making it one of the most technical variables on the net.

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