What are CIF sports?

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CIF sports refer to sporting activities and events being organized by the CIF or the California Interscholastic Federation.  The CIF governs all sporting activities at the high school level in the state of California.  Whenever there are sporting activities in this state, it is usually the CIF that heads these activities.  With sporting activities associated to the CIF, many high school sports in the state of California are referred to as CIF sports.  It simply means that the sporting activity or event is being governed and sanctioned by the CIF.  The best thing about the CIF is that it governs over most of the public and private high schools in California.

The California Interscholastic Federation was first formed back in 1914 by several high school principals representing different areas in California.  The basic aim of the federation is to come up with a standardized ruling system in terms of sporting activities and teams between different high schools across the state. With standardized rules in place, the federation also aimed to prevent “athletes shopping” wherein some teams recruit players beyond the legal high school age.  Part of the standardized rules promoted by the CIF is its anti-steroid campaign which started in 2005.  Through this campaign, high school sports personalities and athletes are required to sign some kind of a promissory note regarding abstinence from any steroids or steroid-based supplements and treatment.

Various state championships in different events are being held by the CIF.  These sporting events include basketball for boys and girls, golf for boys and girls, track and field for boys and girls, football for boys and volleyball for girls among others.  Aside from these regular events, the CIF also conducts cheerleading championships and other sporting events like tennis and wrestling in some parts of California.  Many schools, teams, and individuals vie for various awards in CIF sporting events and these include Scholar Athletes, Model Coach and spirit of Sport.

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