What are Anions?

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What are Anions?
Anions are negatively-charged ions which are said to have various health benefits. These particles are particularly present in the air we breathe especially in areas where the beauty of nature abounds, like in forests and beaches. In contrast, most cations or positively-charged ions are recorded in polluted places. Anions may also be called negative ions and those that are present in the air change depending on weather conditions. Since high concentrations of anions can be found in cleaner and greener environments, inhaling them has been said to have great health benefits.

According to some experts, anions help increase oxygen flow to our brains. And when there is increased oxygen concentration in the brain, it said that this will make the person more alert and improve his mood. This is attributed to the effect of anions in the decreased production of the hormone serotonin. This particular hormone is involved in stress situations; so if this is controlled to normal levels, a person will have some sort of a mood booster.

Anions also make the blood more purified by providing more alkalinity. And because of this alkaline environment, cells will be activated to put away waste materials. Cells will also undergo restoration because of more anions in the blood. And with these positive changes, body cells will be able to perform their individual functions. Along with these cell improvements, the whole immune system will be boosted and the person will feel an increase in vitality.

Anions are also known to increase the levels of endorphins and enkephalins in the bloodstream. These hormones help in improving muscle strength and in recovery from muscle fatigue. Relief from pain may also be experienced because of the presence of anions in the blood.

Anions are dubbed as air vitamins because of its various health benefits. Many studies were already conducted to prove that these negatively-charged particles have positive effects on the body.

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