The Sad Truth about MPDV

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The Sad Truth about MPDV
Have you heard about MPDV before? Technically, it means methylenedioxypyrovalerone. Now, does this ring a bell to you? Well, you are right if you think that this is basically a drug. To be more specific, it is a stimulant. It has been a very controversial issue given the fact that it is essentially a drug, but up to this point in time, it has not yet been banned. You can still see many stores selling methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MPDV.

As they say, MPDV is basically a ‘legal’ stimulant as even if it has not been approved for public consumption, there was no banning. However, in a few states in the US and in other countries, this drug is already considered illegal. Anyone who is caught owning, selling, buying or holding this might be subject for penalty and even criminal laws.

To make it look more presentable and ‘legal’, they are sold as bath salts. However, the ones buying it know that it is not really a bath salt, but a stimulant. MPDV can actually be compared to some other illegal drugs such as ecstasy, methamphetamine, and cocaine due to its effects, and it can even be more dangerous.
Speaking of effects, what really are the possible effects of MPDV intake? First of all, it can make one confused, delusional, psychotic and even paranoid. There are even some other signs of high MPDV intoxication, and in most cases, patients are hardly describable. They are even more difficult to deal with since the effects of MPDV as a stimulant are extreme. Single shot to sedate the patient sometimes do not have any effect at all.

Mephedrone is basically the main ingredient present in MPDV, which is a very harmful substance by nature. Thus, it really becomes controversial since up to this point in time, MPDV has not yet been banned. What is even more controversial is the fact that there are many harmful side effects brought about by MPDV and will clearly place the life of anyone who is intoxicated by it in danger.

These negative effects include high blood pressure, hallucinations, delusions, chest pains, difficulty of breathing, and many others. In fact, if this really goes extreme, it can cause death! Anyone who is so irresponsible in dealing with MPDV might just have more than these side effects.

The sad truth still stands up to this point in time. It is not approved by FDA, but there was no banning from DEA. You can see items containing MPDV sold in various stores everywhere. They can be bought over the counter, in gas stations, and even online. Take note that this can be purchased by anyone even minors!

MPDV has actually continued to gain popularity among minors and teenagers due to the fact that they can easily make one so intoxicated. They are in fact very cheap and widely distributed. Indeed, this is the sad truth in regards to this substance. We still have to wait for further reviews over the substance and appropriate actions coming from these government agencies.

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