The IMVU Innovation

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The IMVU Innovation
IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe, is a graphical client that provides instant messaging in 3D graphics. We commonly see their ads in various websites promoting their product to be one of the most efficient IM’s or Instant Messaging technologies in the world. Will Harvey originally founded IMVU.

Will Harvey early career started as a video game creator and developer. He was the one who created ‘THERE’. ‘THERE’ is a virtual world that allows user to communicate with other users by presenting their personal avatars in this online gaming. Today, the ownership for ‘THERE’ was given to Carl Rosenzweig, which is now the current CEO of the online game. The game is now subject for rebranding.

Just like ‘THERE’, IMVU also is an online gaming that provides you with an avatar. This avatar will do all the commands that the user will ask. The avatar itself is an identification of the user in the virtual world; therefore, it is merely a vessel of the user to communicate with other users.

IMVU skyrocketed in the market as of today having almost 90.174 million users; this number is currently the registered online members of IMVU.

IMVU also generates even greater income. Today, considering their number of registered users, IMVU produces 2 million dollars per month in total revenue. The features of IMVU does not only limit in the instant messaging, but also offering virtual items and goods that the user’s avatars may be able to use to customize their appearance and more likely, their performance. During the initial count, 90% of the generated income of IMVU comes from the virtual items that IMVU sells to customize avatars.

Although IMVU produces and generates huge amounts of revenues, the access to game itself is free. This provides access to potential virtual item buyers to upgrade their avatars, making it more attractive to other users.

There are two classifications of membership:

  1. Free membership – this type of membership allows user have access to less features of the game. However, it is definitely free of charge.
  2. VIP membership ‘“ this type of membership gives a variety of options to the user and has access to all the features of the game. The users can be able to purchase gift cards, virtual items, or virtual credits.

The game uses different currency, which has an equivalent amount in the real-life currency. The game has three types of currency:

  1. IMVU Credits
  2. IMVU Promotional Credits
  3. Developer Tokens

These credits can be purchased by a real currency with a specific exchange rate, acquiring or successfully completed a certain tasks that reward the user with credits, or by buying products and advertising affiliates of IMVU.

The game is constantly upgrading based on the specifics on the patch. The game creator may furnish additional features to the IMVU to provide more realistic 3D avatars or additional in-game items. IMVU uses the Lean StartUp approach and it is one of the most known practitioners that release codes in about 50 times a day.

Other feature of IMVU that is recently developed is the use of their IMVU Music Store. This sells music in mp3 format to IMVU users to customize default music.