The Impact of ICPO in the Global Community

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The Impact of ICPO in the Global Community
Since its establishment in 1979, ICPO has already achieved a lot in their field. In fact, it is one of the most respected institutes in India due to their contribution to the society in terms of researches and advancement of knowledge. ICPO actually stands for Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology.

Since its inception, it has already garnered international recognition by being a member of international organizations such as the UICC or the International Union against Cancer, as well as a partner of the World Health Organization (WHO) in their Centre for Research and Training in Cytology and HPV Vaccine. Aside from that, it has also published a lot of information worldwide, all of which has made a great impact, especially in this very controversial field.

The goal of ICPO is to develop various techniques in order to detect and cure cancer. It also has the goal to disseminate information amongst women at an early age in order for them to lessen the risks of cancer when they grow old. More than that, they also developed cheap molecular methods in order to screen and type ‘high- risk’ HPV’s. They also seek to learn more about the emerging variations of the cancer that we commonly know, especially that of women.

Through the years of being in this industry, ICPO has already produced a huge impact in India and its populace. They have found means in order to lessen the number of women suffering from cervical cancer. They have also tried to identify ways in order to identify the disease as early as possible in order to find immediate actions to it.

ICPO is located in NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh in India. They are actually open for inquiries from the public. They are also open for visitations and even educational trip. In fact, when you contact them through their number flashed in the website, you will see just how accommodating they can get. Thus, when you also aspire to be one of them or you are in a school specializing in cytology and oncology, they will really be of big help.

Of course, all these achievements were possible with the help of the people behind ICPO. They are staffed with the most reliable scientists who do not cease to discover more ways in order to end cancer related problems. They also keep themselves abreast with the changes and developments in the international arena. As said earlier, they are actually a member of various international organizations. This only means that they are really sincere in working for the benefit of their constituents.

Now, if you are really interested to know more about them, you can read their online publications and journals. You can also find their journals published in print. They are very informative and all their researches and new discoveries are shown on these publications.

Given this, it is really a big plus when you discover more of what they can offer. India and the rest of the world have ICPO to thank for with all these advancements given that cancer is now growing as a serious sickness.

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