Gizmo from the Movie, Gremlins

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Gizmo from the Movie, Gremlins
Gremlin is a one of the most popular movies during the 1984. This is a comedy-horror film about a young man who obtained a pet known as a ‘mogwai’. This ‘mogwai’ have many capabilities that need responsible handling for the owner that has it.

The plot of the story starts with an inventor named Randall ‘Rand’ Peltzer who was looking for a perfect gift for his son’s birthday. He stumbles into an antique shop that is owned by Mr. Wing. As Rand looks for the best gift he could give, his eyes were caught by a fur-like figure called as a ‘Mogwai’. He bargains to the owner to buy this cute pet to be given to his son, but Mr. Wing will not give him the pet for it posses a great risk that he cannot imagine. Mr. Wing did not know anything about this secret transaction and it will definitely not allow to hand Gizmo to an irresponsible owner, but his grandson sensed that he is in great need of money.
As the story continues, Mr. Wing’s grandson secretly sold the ‘Mogwai’ to Rand in exchange for a good amount of money. He left Rand with three important instructions:

  1. A mogwai must not be exposed to sunlight or any other bright lights.
  2. Never drench a mogwai with water.
  3. Never feed a mogwai after midnight.

With these instructions, Rand agrees to take the mogwai, which later he called ‘Gizmo’.
He presented Gizmo to his son Billy as a gift. The two became good friends eventually. Gizmo was drenched with water, accidentally. In result, five mogwai’s spawned out from Gizmo. These newly spawned mogwai’s spread mischief in Billy’s house and began to pose a threat to their community. However, although these mogwai’s are mischievous in nature, Gizmo was a complete opposite. Mogwai’s can turn into something different when fed after midnight as Billy was manipulated in feeding them after midnight. These mogwai’s became reptile-like creatures as they are being encased into cocoons.

As these mogwais evolve into more mischievous creatures, Billy named them as ‘Gremlins’. The leader of this Gremlins and was the most evil one is named ‘Stripe’. These Gremlins wreak havoc in the community and became a major threat to the people. Gizmo remained as is but those Gremlins that spawn out of him became furious.

People began to exterminate these Gremlins but Stripe is the hardest to contain. As the story was about to end, Gizmo tries to face Stripe and eventually kills him by exposing Stripe into sunlight. The community regains its peace since after the gremlins are gone. However, Gizmo has to bid goodbye to Billy and go back to Mr. Wing to prevent that chaos to happen again.

This movie became a hit and eventually had its sequel, the Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This film was produced by Steven Spielberg while Chris Columbus wrote the screenplay.  The Gizmo collectibles were rampant in the market and more ads were created using Gizmo as a promoter.

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