Things to do in Udon Thani

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Udon Thani is one of the four major cities (Khorat, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani and Khon Kaen) of the Isan region in Thailand. It is also the capital of Udon Thani Province. During the Vietnam War, this city was a bustling support center from the nearby Udorn Royal Thai Force Base and has remains of the times in the form of hotels, bars and coffee shops. It also holds the largest number of the Vietnamese community in Thailand. The town has gained attention from the world community due to the presence of large deposits of Potash, which once exploited will make this city the world’s biggest exporter of Potash. Udon Thani is situated 550 Kilometers Northeast of Bangkok, Thailand’s capital. There are plenty of vacation goodies and attraction adventures that you would not want to miss on your next visit to Thailand.

Nong Prajak Park

This is among the three reservoirs that include; Nong Sim Park, Nong Bua Park and Nong Prajak Park that have been developed to create recreational centers for the city. Located about a 30-minute walk from the day and night complex, it is a place travelers can jog or walk. The best times are especially in the morning or in the evening when the sun begins to set. The park has a number of climbing frames, swings and other attractions that kids can also go and burn energy. There are message parlors on the park streets, opened mostly in the evenings. People are allowed to feed the fish in this reservoir but are not allowed to fish; this has made the fish here to be large a wonderful site to beyond.

City Pillar Shrine

The town is also famed popular for its large number of Buddhist temples also known as ‘Wats’. Pillar Shrine is located at the center of the city. The shrine is believed to be the home of the guardian deity. The grounds also feature the God Wetsuwan the Udon Thani god of Protection. The local Thai Community highly respects this place. One can relax on the shrine grounds, and can take photos too. At the entrance also, one gets a chance to see the attractive Athiphobi.

Udon Thani Museum

History lovers… this is the place to be, as one can find things about the early life to the present life of the city. Udon Thani is known to have been in existence since the 1900s, and the region has an ancient history dating to the Bronze Age. A few relics from the Bronze Age have been preserved in the Udon Thani Museum. Some of the remains are from the 1800s and are in the form of cave wall paintings and battlements that are buried around a stone pillar. Other remains are from the 1200s to present date present and include the iron remains and Mon Brick stupas from 700 years ago! A visit to this museum will leave you tongue-tied but with a lot of knowledge.

Wat Photisomphon

There are a number of temples in Udon Thani, but the most beautiful, spectacular and the biggest is the Wat Photisomphon. Its compound is home to about 20 buildings, and a visit here is just worth to see even the magnificent construction alone. This temple earned its name from the commemoration of its builder, Phraya Sisuriyaratchawaranuwat. Inside the temple, one can find a museum of revered monks famous for meditation.

Udon Thani is also a burst of a number of festivals all year long. Some of them include; Loy Krathong festival, where all the sins and good hopes of the people are put onto a ‘Krathong’ or ‘Khom Fai’ and left to float in the sky. SongKran Festival, which is considered the Thai New Year, which is characterized with the splashing of water everywhere.

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