Things To Do In Trang

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One of the most interesting provinces of Thailand is Trang. It is a provincial capital that offers a variety of attractions for tourists. The beauty of nature, interesting marine life and sumptuous food help to create a memorable holiday for all visitors o Trang.

Fact 1 Various Aspects Of Trang

Trang is a sleepy province that lies in the southeastern part of Thailand. It is famous mainly for the islands and its surrounding beauty. The Kantrang town has a historical background and the dense jungle is like a walkway that is covered by natural canopy and takes you to the Botanical Garden and also to the cool beaches and nearby waterfalls that are not less than ten in number.

Fact 2 Interesting Islands

The main attractions of Trang are the islands from Ko Muk’s Emerald Cave to the Ko Kradan’s reefs and beaches. There are nearby fishing villages also like Ko Sukorn. One can reach these islands from Trang Town by bus and then by boats. The largest island of Trang is Koh Libong. The waters and the golden dunes are simply enchanting. The paved road that takes you around the island is outstanding. Enjoy a ride in the Thai-style side cars. You can spend an entire day cruising in these cars and watching the rubber plantations, fishing groups and making friends with the local people. There are beach resorts too where you can relax and stay overnight also. If you are interested to see the dugongs the last endangered species of Thailand grazing along the shallow waters, the resorts make arrangements for long-tail boats.

The “secret” beach inside Morakot Cave is one of the most interesting places to visit for tourists. This beach has another attraction. It is surrounded by magnificent cliffs. The best time to go there is during low tide. If you are a swimmer, you adventure will be really exciting. Swimming about 80 meters through the darkest cave with a local guide is sure to give you a new experience for a lifetime. The distinct emerald color of the water created by the rays of the sun, is astounding. Hence this cave is known as Morakut meaning emerald in Thai. There are legendary stories about this beach and the cave that tells us that this was the hideout of pirates who stored their illegal earnings to keep away from the law.

Fact 3 The Most Famous Island Of Trang

Koh Kradan is the must visit island of Trang even if your vacation is very short. This slender island has an extra-ordinary attraction for visitors and is hence full of resorts that offer unlimited comfort and luxury along with clubs and spas.

The waters around the white sands are full of fish that you can see while standing on the beach. Snorkeling is the best activity for tourists in this beach. During low tide, the waters recede so far that you can walk along to reach the coral reefs. To view such natural beauty so close is really unbelievable.

Fact 4 The Park At Trang

There is a beautiful park that stretches all along the shore from Hat Pak Meng to aem Chao Mai and covers the Ko Muk Kradan and Ko Cheuk islands. Wild life attractions are the most important features of this park. While touring along the islands and coast, if you are lucky, you may get a glimpse of the rare species of dugongs, black-necked storks, barking deer, langurs, pangolins, Pacific sea egrets, monitor lizards, wild pigs, sea otters, little herons, macaques and other creatures about which you have only read before.

Fact 6 Night Market In Trang

Hopping is a must for tourists. The best night market is along the Andaman Coast where the main attraction is the tastiest Thai cuisines.

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