Things to Do in Songkhla

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Songkhla, also known as Singgora, in Malaya has become one of the most visited tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Situated at the southern part of Thailand, Songkhla is famous for its beauty, culture, historical monuments, and its spiritual appeal. Songkhla is a mix of old and new worlds, where on one hand we may experience its glory and heritage in the form of its museums and art galleries; and on the other, we witness the modern and fast-paced life of its citizens conserving their customs and traditional values. Let us explore some more about this beautiful and charming city of Thailand.


Songkhla is connected to Bangkok by road from where we can hire air-conditioned or ordinary big green buses at a very low price. It takes about thirteen hours to reach Songkhla. The best time to visit Songkhla is any time of the year! The climate is tropical, and the average temperature falls from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable for exploring the city.

What to Explore

Songkhla has everything in its bag for people of all tastes and interests. The first place to visit in Songkhla is its National Museum. It is the “Gem of Songkhla.” The architecture and the decoration of the buildings of this museum make it worth seeing. It has a vast collection of weapons, canons, silks, jewelry, coins, and a remarkable artifacts collection of The Na Songkhla Family, The Royal Family that ruled the city.

Another attraction of Songkhla is Songkhla Lake. It is the largest lake of Thailand, covering an area of about 1,040 square kilometers. We can enjoy the lake by boat riding. There is a wide variety of restaurants near the lake where we can taste the best sea food with the rich and flavored Thai spices and aroma.

Near the Songkhla Lake is a temple on a hill devoted to Lord Buddha. Devotees here donate miniature elephants, and their wishes are answered by Hindu God Brahma, as is the firm belief of the local people. From the top of the hill, we may see the view of the whole city and Songkhla Lake, which is mesmerizing and fills our heart with a deep sense of spirituality and peace!

If you are a nature lover, then you cannot miss seeing the Thale Noi Water Bird Park of Songkhla. Thale Noi Water Bird Park is famous for its lake and an abundance of beautiful lotus flowers. A wide variety of water birds can also be seen there. The clear fresh water of the lake with the golden yellow shadow of the rising sun, along with the pink lotus flowers embedded in the lake, creates a magical impression of pink gems decorating a golden plate, which takes you to another world!

One of the most beautiful places in Songkhla is Samila Beach. At this beach we can enjoy photography, fly kites, buy hats, and have tasty Thai cuisine. This beach is famous for its mermaid statue. The mermaid statue is situated on the top of the stones, a half-human, half-fish playing with her hair, and the reflection of the sunlight falling on the mermaid’s body increases its beauty and grace a thousand times!

Friends, if you are adventurous by nature, then you can go to Tang Kuan Hill to enjoy the city view; or you can go to Songkhla Zoo, where you can buy meat to feed the animals—like deer, tigers (five to six active tigers), lions, elephants, and tapirs.

One cannot afford to miss the shopping on Songkhla Tae Raek Walking Street. Here you can buy art pieces, handicrafts, watches, clothes, household items, and other things that give an impression of the modern and ancient culture of Thailand. Or you can enjoy the dishes, like ice cream with frozen eggs! For nightlife lovers, there are so many nightclubs available in the city.

Songkhla has beauty, charm, nature, modernity, and spirituality at one place. A mere one or two days are not enough to explore the heart of the city. So, friends, if you are planning a vacation, then visit Songkhla. The city is waiting for you!

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