Things To Do In Rangsit

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If you are planning to visit Thailand, then Rangsit will be the perfect destination for you. It has everything that a traveler wishes for starting from natural beauty to adventure sports and good food.

Fact 1 Location Of Rangsit

Rangsit stands within the Pathum Thani Province, about 40 km north of Bangkok. It is a suburb of Bangkok and only 20 km from Don Muang Airport.

Fact 2 How To Reach Rangsit

Once you arrive Bangkok, you can choose from a variety of options of transport to reach Rangsit. However, if you are heading from the northern part of Thailand in a bus, then your bus will stop at the Future Park Rangsit. From there you can take vans, taxis, motorcycles or tuk tuks to reach your destination. There are more buses that will take you straight from Bangkok to Rangsit. You can also reach Rangsit after alighting at Don Muang Airport by taxi, van or bus. There are train and bus schedules available and so you can take your decision accordingly.

Fact 3 Attractions Of Rangsit

The town of Rangsit, although not very large, is a home to various interesting places that bear evidence of the culture and history of the past. The main places that tourists love to visit in Rangsit are:

Future Park Rangsit: It was previously known as Future Park Plaza Rangsit. It is one of the largest shopping arcades of Asia. It is located in Panthum Thani on Phahonyothin Road. This area forms the gateway to the northern, central and northeastern provinces of Thailand. The mall is exuberantly decorated and has about 70 food outlets and restaurants that allows visitors to rest and dine on various types of delicacies. Apart from that the shopping mall houses many banks, post office, network outlets and service providers, multiplex cinemas, private theaters where you can view movies according to your choice and karaoke features.

Dream World: This is a beautiful and well maintained amusement park that has been created in European style. It is located quite close to Rangsit and you can reach the park by van, bus or car.

Wat Phra Dhammakaya: This is a Humongous hyper-modern temple. The controversial Dhammakaya sect reside here. Most people consider this temple as the Church of Scientology according to Thai version. On special occasions, innumerable people flock together to participate in the events. It then appears like a set of the science fiction movies. It is a Futuristic Temple. The sect’s founder is Phramonkolthepmuni and a Memorial Hall in his name with a golden dome stands in front of you as you enter the Temple. The Meditation Hall stands behind this. After walking through this for 15 minutes you will arrive at the huge Maha Dhammakaya Cetiya. It is an amazing place. The “chedi” has a golden UFO-shape and it is covered with golden Buddhas. It has been said that there are 3,00,000 and 7,00,000 total idols here. It stands at the center of huge square area that has a concrete platform all around the Meditation Amphitheater. Everyone is allowed to enter the Temple and there are free shuttle services too that carry visitors to and fro from Bangkok city.

National Memorial: This is an interesting place to visit for historians. It is looked after by the Armed Force Education Department and the Supreme Command Headquarters. It houses wall paintings of historic events of Thailand and models that depict the historic battles. A speaker walks along with every group for explanation.

Fact 4 Other Interesting Places

You can visit the National Science Museum and the Royal Thai Mint which is not very far from Future Park.

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