Things to Do In Marawi

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Nestled on the shores of Lake Lanao, is Marawi City. This city is the capital of Lanao del Sur province on the island of Mindanao in Phillippines. Marawi is also the only Islamic city in the Philippines, therefore, dabbed “Islamic City”. It was formerly known as Dansalan “a place for destination”. Due to its higher elevation and cool climate, Marawi town is also referred as the Summer Capital of the South. Its neighbor towns are Saguiran and Kapal to its North, Bubong to its East, and Marantao to its west. It is also approximately 1048 kilometers from Manila town, the capital city of Philippines. There are a number of beautiful places that put Marawi as a destination of choice for all looking for all debating on vacation away from home.

Aga Khan Museum (Mindanao State University)

Named after King Aga Khan who contributed to the realization, this museum contains all the historical developments of the country and the conservation of cultural materials. It has a lot to offer for different categories of people. Historian visitors enjoy what they find in this museum. Art enthusiasts will also find it a great place to sample as it contains a collection traditional art, local mucic recorded in tapes and folk dances from different regions of Mindanao. There is also the display of Sulu and Palawan, the native tools and weapons that were used by the Muslims, and different art designs of houses that are the main attraction of the museum.

Torogans and Sambitory

This is the oldest building in Marawi city, and it has been preserved from one generation to another. Here you will experience a feeling of the unique natural setting of the Maranao (the People of Marawi) in the city. It is marked out by many large ‘Torogans’: beautiful royal antiques placed high in the roofings. The unique architecture can be an inspiration for artists too.

Beautiful rolling hills and mountains

For mountain climbers and nature lovers, this is one of the places you don’t want to miss. The Signal Hill, Arumpac hill and the majestic Mount Mupo (known for its untouched tree and their beautiful and perfect cones): all these are beautiful places, but mysterious at the same time. Tourists love to climb the three mountains and to get scenic views of the land below and be fascinated with all its vegetation and mysteries. Another interesting point is the Angoyao hills, which serve as the natural watch over tower of the water that flows into Lake Lanao offering panoramic views.

Natural sites

View lovers, and risk takers can take a pick into either the Agus river, that is located in between Saduc and Lilod. It is the swiftest river in the country and is famous for the Maria Cristina falls, which is the outlet of Lake Lanao to Illana Bay. Lake Lanao is another place to visit for its majestic and fascinating scenery. Lanao is also the second largest lake in the country.

A traveler desiring serenity and a place far from urbanity, Bagang beach is the place to visit as it offers good leisure for picnic and swimming lovers. It is filled with rocks and boulders that serve as natural benches, and trees that serve as natural shades providing a natural and unaltered setting to have picnics and peace and tranquility from the hurts of the world.

Ethnic dances

There are two dances that have managed to capture the world’s attention. The Kini-Kini, which is a special artistic way of walking by the Maranao women, is dramatized in this dance. The other is Singkil a famous dance whose main accompaniment is the clapping of two bamboo poles. These play to lure many cultural visitors to visit the destination. Indeed, Marawi is the place to visit.

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