Things to do in London

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London, Britain’s capital, has been in the spotlight for years as a destination of choice for travelers from all over the world. A commerce and trade center, the city has been an engine for industrial and economic development not only for the United Kingdom but also other major metropolitans in Europe. It is this fact that has had London an allure to holidaymakers: a city that has all the amenities that cater to all residents and visitors alike; from banks to insurance companies, to health facilities and many more. The city’s endowment with both natural and man-made attractions that are scenic is pivotal in providing consumers of tourism with more than enough for holiday indulgence. If you are planning your next holiday in London, below are some of the highlights of some places you would wish to visit.

Guildhall Galleries

These are some galleries localized in one space that are very rich in the history of London. Tourists stroll around the Roman remains to view art. For decades, the Guildhall galleries have been a center of attraction for decades and centuries. Visitors are free to visit the every day of the week. Some of these galleries include Guildhall Art Gallery, which offers incredible pieces both of Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite models. There is plenty to see from their exhibitions. Guildhall Library provides enjoyable events on exhibitions, walks, entertainment and even book launches. Besides, the London’s Amphitheatre provides enough space where visitors can listen to the shouts of 7,000 people eagerly looking at animals of the wild fight. The galleries close only during state and civil functions.

St Paul’s Cathedral

The cathedral is one of London’s historical landmarks that are easily recognized. The church has served the city since 1697 when the first service was conducted. There has been the establishment of the 360 tour that allows tourists to get a taste of the building’s interior. Important events held in the cathedral include the funeral services for Nelson Wellington and Winston Churchill, the Jubilees’ of queens, such as Queen Elizabeth II and the wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princes Diana Spencer. Inside, one can attend an organ recital that is done every Sunday at 4:45 pm or even enjoy the beautiful crafting encased in the building. People also climb the Golden Gallery to enjoy scenic views of the London city. There is a crypt where one will come in contact with a 270-degree movie that tells the church’s history that dates back to 1400. To visit the cathedral, the address is; St. Paul’s Cathedral, London EC4M 8AD. Visiting hours during the week are from Monday to Saturday, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.

London Tower Bridge

Once you are in London, the place not to forget is this Tower Bridge. The bridge gives a magnificent view of the city that can be seen from its walkways. Here you will find exhibitions explaining more on the story of the bridge. It’s now even better with the presence of installed glass flooring on the walkways. Some events cater to the needs of a family, such as Tots that are an excellent source of information for young children: it gives them a chance to learn and look through the glass flooring to enjoy the views of the exhibitions. There is also a 360 tour that gives one a taste of the history of the bridge through a City Visitor Trail App. The bridge is sometimes lifted to allow ships and boats. One can get here with the use of Google maps, just key in the London SEI 2UP address. Also, one can use a train, a car or by Tube.


It was constructed in commemoration of the great fire that happened in 1666. It’s the tallest Monument, stone column in the world. There is a total of 311 steps leading to the balcony, where, one can experience the breathtaking views of London. In summer, it’s opened from 9:30 am and 6 pm, in winter between 9.30 am and 5:30 pm.

Remember these facts. According to recent statistics, in London:

  • 529 foreign companies are listed, a 20% representation of global foreign listings.
  • There are 251 foreign banks
  • 22 banks supply Islamic financial services
  • There is $2.7trillion of foreign exchange turnover daily

While these are just but a few highlights, London has so much to explore than one can imagine.

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