Things to do in Gapan

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Gapan became a city through a Republic Act 9022, approved in 2001. The metropolis is the oldest in the southern part of Nueva Ecija province, and one of the older towns in the Philippines. Having been founded as a pueblo by 3 Spanish Friars in 1595, Gapan has a long and ancient history. Today, Footwear Industry besides agriculture, is one the major economic activities in the city, resulting to it being dubbed “Footwear Capital of the North”.

Approximately 96 Kilometers from Manila, getting to Gapan is easy. A bus from Manila takes you through Bulacan and immediately after San Miguel town is Gapan city. There are numerous exciting and interesting things for travelers to do in this Philippine town that used to be known as Ibon, according to prehistoric records. It remains a remarkable myth how its name changed, a part of history that holidaymakers to the city find intriguing. There are a number of must do things while in Gapan:

The Church of Gapan

One of the most salient attractions in Gapan is this church. Learning its history makes it a unique place to visit. Made of bricks, adobe, and lime, the architectural design of the building is in itself an allure. It is usually interesting to learn that it took 16 years (1856-1872) to bring up the primeval structure. It is ironic, however, to get to know that like all colossal edifices of the early times, the Church utilized forced labor to erect it.

The Pilgrimage City

Gapan is widely seen as pilgrimage city by both foreigners and locals and this appeal to many people resulting in the visit to the town. Religious feasts and celebrations events contribute mainly to this view of the city. Gapen has two Patron Saints, the Divine Shepherdess, and the Three Kings. In the first Sunday of every year, people witness the feast of the Three Kings. On 1st of every May, Divine Shepherdess is held. And as officially declared by the local municipal council, the city Fiesta is on 6th January of every year. For devotees of Central Luzon, having all these calendar days in honor of divine events has significantly contributed to having a pilgrimage Gapan. Besides, the wonders and miracles of the Divine Shepherdess captured the church authorities’ attention resulting in her crowning as queen in 1964 and in effect making a Gapan an official Pilgrimage destination. In a similar manner in which it is believed that the Virgin of a good voyage is upon pilgrimage travelers to Antipolo city, the perception has been that Divine Shepherdess’ graces would be bestowed on visitors to Gapan. Ultimately, this has and still draws many to this pilgrimage urban in the southeast of Nueva Ecija.

The City of Revolutionary Martyrs

Another major attraction to Gapan is its association to revolutionary martyrs. In fact, Nueva Ecija, the province in which this town is found, is one of the eight that took arms against the Spain. Visitors here find the streets fascinating as they are named after the great revolutionaries of town who fought and got killed by the Spaniards. Another attraction erected in the honor of the martyrs is a monument at the San Vicentre Plaza, which plays a great tour site for visitors.

A Must Do List in Gapan City

  1. Avisit to the Three Kings Parish Church for a prayer to La Virgen Divina Pastora.
  2. Makingpurchases: buyGapan-made footwear products, fruits, vegetablesandmeatproducts during the Agri-trade fairor at thepublicmarket.
  3. Dine native delicacies at Pario de Lis, Luz Kitchenette, and other leading restaurants

Best time to visit

  • Plan your travel for May 1st to coincide with La Virgin Divina Pastora Feast when both local and international tourists flock the city to pray at the Three Kings Parish Church
  • 30th of April is a good time to as it concurs with Gapan’s Agri-Trade Fair, a big event that is marked by a colorful display of fireworks in the evenings.
  • Travel also to join locals in celebrations of feasts and big events according to their marked calendar days

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