Things To Do In Surat Thani

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Human beings have a never-ending urge to explore the unknown and enjoy life in all its aspects. Hence, often we see travelers with backpacks climbing high mountains or enjoying the beauty of nature and the cool breeze at the seaside. There are beautiful places for tourists in every corner of the world. Surat Thani is one such attractive destination that beckons tourists from different countries.

Fact 1 Where Is Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a large province in the southern region of Thailand. It stands on the western shore of the Thailand Gulf. It is about 685 km from Bangkok. It was formerly the capital city of Srivijaya Empire. The name Surat Thani means “City of good people”.

Fact 2 Geographical Features Of Surat Thani

Surat Thani offers all kinds of landforms like high plateaus, high mountains with dense forests, and low basins along the eastern coast and the center. There are about 14 river basins and all the rivers flow into the Gulf of Thailand. There are innumerable islands along the extensive river coast that makes Surat Thani an interesting site for tourists. In the nearby islands you will see the exotic coral reefs, the renowned full moon party beach, Marine National Park, awesome archipelago that have charming golden beaches fringed with rows of palm trees. The crystal clear waters are a sight to behold with the glistening spreading its mystic charm over the visitors. April to November is the best season to enjoy a vacation at Surat Thani.

Fact 3 Things To Do In Surat Thani

Surat Thani is a town that has something or the other for every guest. It has presently become of the most important commercial town for Southern Thailand. From here, you can do whatever you like starting from boat rides along the coast, traveling to the islands, visiting the National Park, or shop in the extravagant market that has opened up shortly in 2015. Those who are foodies can enjoy local as well as multi-cuisine delicacies at the restaurants that serve spicy foods and other mouth-watering dishes.

Fact 4 Places To Visit In Surat Thani

A short boat ride will transport you to the blissful romantic islands floating along the Coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

Sea diving is an interesting activity for adventure seekers at Koh Tao.

You can have fun and party at the famous Koh Phagan’s Full Moon Party site that will live in your memories for years.

National Park at Khao Sok is the most attractive virgin forests of Thailand. The mesmerizing greenery is surrounded by limestone cliffs that kiss the sky. This area is all the more interesting for tourists because of facilities like elephant trekking, hiking trails, innumerable wildlife, deep caves, fun-filled river tubing and floating raft houses available here.

You can visit the Monkey Training School where you will be amazed to see the well-trained playful creatures.

If you are interested in shopping, pick up your wallets and move on to the night markets of Surat Thani. It is great fun shopping at the local shops as well as the shopping arcades that spread out a variety of attractive souvenirs to carry home.

Fact 5 Other Nearby Attractions In Surat Thani

Young tourists can enjoy to their hearts’ content at Koh Samui which is close to Surat Thani. The island offers innovative experiences like kite-boarding, Muay Thai boxing and lady-boy cabaret shows. The sacred Big Buddha is another must-visit place here at Hin Ta and Hin Yi Rocks.

However, if you simply rest and enjoy natural beauty, the private resort at Koh Nang Yuan is the perfect place for you. The uniqueness of this area will leave you speechless. Hire a long boat and experience heavenly beauty along the zip line in late afternoon.

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