Things to do in Samut Prakan

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The province of Samut Prakan is situated 25 km from Bangkok at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. It is also known as the Muang Pak Nam. The province spreads over 1004 square km and is covered with paddy fields, orchards, mangroves and nipa palm.

Samut Prakan was once a sleepy little fishing village. It is now an important port and a highly populated, bustling industrial centre. It has been incorporated into the Bangkok Metropolis. Large container ships sailing to the port is one of the tourist attractions, but this province has been a hub of cultural activity and holds many delights for its tourists.

The Ancient City: Architectural symbols through the ages are represented in the city. There is a unique collection of works of art from pre historic to modern times. The wide range of skills in the fine arts and craftsmanship creates an ambience that fosters an understanding and appreciation of Thai history and culture through the ages.

Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo: The world’s largest captive crocodile lives here. Yai weighs 1114 kg and is 6 meters long. The zoo covers 300 acres and has a mini train to facilitate viewing. Orchestrated crocodile –man wrestling shows, monkey and elephant shows are some of the popular attractions at the farm-zoo.

Era wan Museum: The museum is housed in the belly of an elephant. This is no ordinary elephant. It is a huge three headed elephant standing atop a massive pedestal. It is cast in pure green hued copper. It weighs 250 tons and is 39 m long. The trunks of the three heads are as thick as an ancient banyan tree. The beast is a symbol of Airavat, in Hindu mythology.

Within, the museum has three levels, each symbolising a part of the Thai cosmos. Exhibits include Benjarong ceramics, Chinese porcelain, Chakri Dynasty tea sets, Chinese furniture, Vietnamese vases and jade ornaments.

Phra Samut Chedi: This monument houses a statue of King Rama II. It is 36 m high and both Chinese and European architectural styles can be seen.

Naval History Park in the Phra Chulachomklao Fort: The museum highlights the role of the Royal Thai Navy in protecting Thai sovereignty, especially in the face of European imperialism.

Bang Pu Recreational Spot: Between November and May large flocks of migratory seagulls can be seen. Delicious fresh sea food is also available.

Bang Namphueng Floating Market: The local people sell their products here on Saturdays and Sundays.

Bung Tako: Here you can participate in the water sport of your choice. Wind surfing and water skiing are popular.

Suan Si Nakhon Khuenkhan Park: It is spread over 80 acres of land and has a 7 m high vantage tower for a panoramic view. Some evenings, hundreds of fireflies light up the sky.

Nightlife: Samut Prakan has a rollicking night life. It is one of the happening places in Thailand. Revellers of all ages flock here for a good relaxing time. Numerous bars and clubs offer parties with music to suit all ages. The interiors of the party establishments also range from the calm conservative to the maverick modern to the trendy teeny bop. Rave electronic and trance parties are popular with the younger crowd. Concerts with live bands and dances are also held. A unique feature of the party scene is that the food at the establishments is invariably good.

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