Things to Do In Palayan City

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Among the beautiful cities in the Philippines, you cannot name them all without Palayan city. The city is situated on the Northeast side of Nueva Ecija and serves as the capital of Nueva Ecija province. It’s is bounded by a number of municipalities of Bongabon: on the south by Sta; Rosa on the Northwest by the city of Cabanatuan; to the east by the municipalities of Laur and northwest by the municipality of General Natividad. Palayan is one of the major six cities in the Philippines which include Manila, TreceMatires, Baguio, Island Garden, and City of Samai. Palayan is a fifth class city that was created specifically as a virtual resettlement town that was to be inhabited by people from various parts of the country affected by differing dilemmas such as natural disasters and manmade catastrophes. The name Palayan came about on June 19, 1965, when the congress of Philippines decreed RA 4475 creating Palayan City as the new capital of Nueva Ecija. Though the stock farm is not virtually rice land, “Palayan” was chosen as its name. This city has various places that one can visit, learn and even have fun.

If you want an entirely new vacation experience, the place to go is Palayan City. One of the favorite tourist spots is the Fort Ramon Magsaysay, also known as the Fort Mag to the locals. Fort Mag is the home of the Army’s 7th Infantry Division (ID). It is located in the rocky area of Palayan City in Nueva Ecija. Fort Mag has 33,469.9 hectares of lavish greenery and rolling hills. The opening of Fort Mag as a tourist destination gave the 7th ID an opportunity to showcase some which are aimed at the protection of the environment.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors would have the pleasure of mountain climbing and trekking at Mount Taclang Damung, which is 200 feet of rolling trail.

After a long and tiring day of hiking, one can get the chance to relax at a close by Pahingahan Complex. Around this complex, the soldiers built small huts near a manmade lake creating an aura suitable for relaxation. And for the water sports explorers and adventurers, the waters are readily available Kayaks for your repose, fun, and entertainment.

Environmentalist will enjoy the military camp that showcases the inspiring and heroic roles played by Philippines army. Inside the military camp is a 1,600- square meter nursery filled with 250,000 assortments of hardwood seedlings and fruit-bearing trees. Nature lovers are also not forgotten: the best place for these groups to venture out and see enthralling animals is the BSP National Jamboree Site. Besides, this site is a fantastic place where people relax and have a wonderful time with friends and family.

There is also the Palayan City Botanical Garden and the Ecological Park at Barangay Singgalat. These are alluring places within Palayan. Visitors come here to pass the time in relaxing and picnicking. There are picnic sites that cater for small groups. Travelers interested in quiet days for rewinding frequent this setting. With a perfect climate: average yearly rainfall and temperatures that range around31.8 °C, this is the ideal place to enjoy a superb day outdoors.

If you are a history fanatic, Aquino-Diokno Memorial Shrine at Fort Magsaysay is a must visit! Here you will get a small blink of the history of the Palayan people. An unusual event occurred in the year 2002 marking a historical landmark for the transfer of the city Capotiol. Apart from the exceptional weather suitable for both tourists and the locals especially for the local farmers who help protect and boost the environment, Palayan city is a nice change of scenery for those seeking a totally new experience for oneself, friends and family.

Some Historical Land marks to check out include:

Historical / Tourism spots

  • BSP National Jamboree Site
  • GSP Josefa Llanes Escoda Natioanl Program & Training Camp Site
  • Resettlement Area – Marcos Village ( for Pantabangan Settles and Rebel Returnees
  • Nueva Ecija Provincial Capitol
  • Nueva Ecija Convention Center
  • Pahingahan Dam Complex at Fort Magsaysay, Pahingahan Lake adjudged “Cleanest Island Body of Water in Central Luzon
  • Aquino – Diokno Memorial Shrine at Fort Magsaysay
  • INC Model Village and Farm at Maligaya
  • Fort Magsaysay – Home of the 7th ID, Philippine Army & Special Operations Command (SOCOM)
  • Aulo Dam at Manggahan
  • Nueva Ecija Sports Complex
  • Sierra Madre Suites Complex

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