Things to Do in Pak Kret

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When in the city of Pak Kret, you will never get bored because of all the fun things to do. You can figure out how to make some pottery in Kwan A Man (a Mon cultural center), visit the Buddhist temple Wat Pai Lom, visit the temple Wat Poramai Yikawat, and visit the Pak Kret Museum in addition to numerous other activities. It is a standout among the most famous traveler destinations in Thailand.

Vacation Spots

Museum in Ko Kret. The historical center discovered right close by Wat Poramai Yikawat showcasing the temple’s treasury. There are a lot of artifacts and other captivating things shown inside. There’s an earthen Buddha image and examples of glassware and porcelain. The “Hem” is a Mon-style box used as a coffin; its brilliant outline and aluminum plate carvings have been carefully done. It is trusted that the Mons had copied the pine box style of Lord Buddha, which had a straight base, wide top, and slim sides. A drawing of this coffin is shown in the museum. The Hem usually contains a dry body. A friar’s Hem has a window for onlookers to see the body inside.
Kwan A Man (A Mon Cultural Center). One of the components along a walkway in Ko Kret is Kwan A Man, or a Mon cultural center, including customary Mon style pottery. The specialty of making pottery by the Mon people was believed to be developed in the Thon Buri period. Inside they demonstrate the pottery method and other hobby social things. The spot is a decent wooden house. The territory close-by along the walkway homes shows items made of clay and an explanation behind step-by-step uses like vases, holders, or for house and garden improvement, etc. Visitors are welcome to go inside and evaluate the pottery items.

Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit.
This is a thammayutti religious community situated in the region of Tambon Bang Talat, Amphoe Pak Kret. Even though it is a recently developed religious community, it is of a delightful style of structural engineering. Its compound is charmingly shady and is an amazing spot for concentrating on the Lord
Buddha’s teachings.

Inside the temple, there is an immense space for declaring and studying Buddhist teachings. Additionally, bamboo grass is open for Buddhists, keeping in mind the end goal to perform religious ceremonies or listen to Dharma teachings from Phra Phrommangkhalachan Thep Wisutthimethi (also known as Phra Panya Nantha Phikkhu), the previous senior monk.

Food Spots

Suan Thip Baan Chao Phraya on the Chao Phraya River. This is a rather exceptional nearby wooden house transformed into an eating venue. It is famous for grilled fresh water prawn. This restaurant has been around for more than 30 years, and its quality is still great. Other menu items are magnificent and uncommon, particularly their fish menu and Tom Yum soup.

This is the most loved lunch place on the weekends as it is not a long way from the center point of Bangkok. You can get a pleasant, beautiful waterway view with an extraordinary sustenance.
Lung Dang Khao Chae. This is an acclaimed Mon food that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Ko Kret. Khao Chae is jasmine-scented rice in ice water eaten in a mix with fragile flavorful treats.

Places to Stay

TK Palace Hotel. It is a flawless spot to be and not too far from the airport. The traffic is not heavy when you go to different beautiful spots. You can get an exceptional rate discount. Service is extremely good. The swimming pool is lovely. You can make the most of your vacation by staying there.

Mida City Resort. The hotel is perfect and has BIG rooms! The hotel personnel will pick you up at the airport. The room has complimentary water and includes a completely cooked breakfast. You will also be driven back to the airport.

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