Things to Do in Nonthaburi, Thailand

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Historical and Heritage Tour

Wat Sangkhathan
This is a large area for everyday Buddhist activities like petitioning to God and contemplating; extraordinary spaces are available for staying over on weekends or for escalated reflection retreats. It is especially known among Thai Buddhists and also foreigners since many of them have visited the temple in their quests for peace and calm. The fundamental lobby with the glass arch—now and again called the pyramid—is utilized for sessions to petition to God and also house relics of worshiped Buddhist ministers.

Outdoors Activities

Bike Ride
An enjoyable thing to do is riding a bicycle. Bicycles can be leased for 40-50 baht at town number 6 near Phai Lom Temple. It is easy to ride around the entire island and get a look at the nearby community. You will pass friendly merchants offering Pat Thai and children playing and laughing .Riding at an early hour in the morning or later toward the evening is better, as the weather is not yet very hot.

Walk in the Center of Town
When you get in the central part of the town, you will see swarms of local people and several road sellers set up on the sidewalk on the way. In the event that you stroll along the main street to the dock, you can get onto the metro and see a huge business sector, which offers all the affordable and fresh food you want. In the event that you arrive toward the evening or night, you will see more locals in groups. There are numerous sorts of attractions in Nonthaburi, but the best are to learn and enjoy the way of life there and visit the lovely temples.

Sightseeing Tours

Fantasia Lagoon Water Park
On the top of a shopping center called Bang Kae sits this charming little water park. Once inside you can lease a locker and a cap. There are Thai food stalls available for purchasing food at a very reasonable price. The water park has two great slides and two little slides in addition to some swimming pools and a waterway going around. This is a decent place to kill a couple of hours.

There is a lot of space to sit with shades provided. Food carts are accessible; however, you can also bring your own particular foods. If you wish, you can go outside the water park and get food and come back anytime.

Nonthaburi Fresh Market
This is a decent place to look at a genuine Thai fresh and wet market. Nonthaburi business sector has an extensive variety of fresh produce and is surely worth visiting if you need to see a customary Thai market. At the back of the market, there is a gathering of food stalls.

The market has colorful organic products, towers of dried chilies, smoky grills, and the city’s few remaining rickshaws. You need to go early, as most merchants are gone by 9 a.m.

Wat Chaloem Phra Kiat
This park has a variety of activities. There is a choice of exercise equipment and also a children’s playground. Seating is accessible in any of the numerous pavilions that are in this large park, which is found on the banks of the clamoring Chao Praya River. This is a decent spot for the family to walk and play and have a cookout.

A gigantic quiet garden surrounds the Temple facing the river.

It is a quiet and great experience far from the occupied city yet at the same time simple to reach by the absolutely dependable water boat.

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