Things to Do in Masbate City

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The City of Masbate, being the only city in Masbate province and with a population of around 85,227 as per the 2010 census, serves as the provincial capital. It is a third class city, which operates as the main commercial center and the chief port of the Masbate province. The well-protected port with Ticao Island acting as the barrier against the effects of inclement weather from the northeast makes the city very popular. Masbate is also the Bicol Region’s Gateway to the Visayas and Mindanao provinces due to its strategic location at the central part of the Philippine archipelago.

It is approximately 212.5 aerial miles (362 nautical miles) from Manila making the travel between the two cities to be around 16 to 18hours by boat. It also functions as the dividing line between Luzon and the other islands in the country. Being at the central part of the province, it neighbors Barias Island to the north and Esperanza to the south. The neighboring islands include Bicol main land, Ticao Island and Panay Island. Unique attractions act as the magnetic that pulls travelers to this city.

Masbate Island

Masbate Island is approximately 4100 square kilometers with an estimate of 800,000 people. It is the leading exporter of native crabs commonly known as the Lawobon Crabs. Tourists to this city get privileged to understand all about the crabs, including learning how to collect them in their dangerous nature. It is always a session of learning more about crab catching. With plenty of cattle ranches, scuba dividing locales, as well as the many festival events in the region makes the island very popular and attractive.

Among the many festivities held on this island is the ‘Rodeo Masbateno’ which is the largest event of all. It acts to bring people together and occurs on every April. The other common festivity fairs include:

  • Bulang
  • Pinya
  • Lapay in Bantigue

Hotels and beach resorts

Masbate has many modern hotels. Most of these accommodation properties border the cobalt ocean waters, which is always a spectacular view from the comfort of sea facing rooms. The room rates range from budget to luxurious normally from around P600 to P2000 per night. This is cheap, however, considering the array of services they offer guests.

The atmosphere

The experience that you will never forget to talk about after your visit to this attractive city is simply the aura, the setting and the general quality of the destination. As an Island, Masbate has very cool breezes coming from the sea creating a Caribbean feel, an attribute loved by both local and international visitors.

The natives of the city

Masbate hosts play a key role in welcoming foreign guests. It has often been stated that the Filipinos are the best in hospitality, and travelers fully comprehend the absolute and true sense of the statement on touring the country, even so Masbate City. The friendliness and the willingness by the natives to assist you will often amaze you. Whether you want to know about local attractions or the direction to the nearest restaurant, the people of the city will readily be of help. It is dumbfounding to know that after your interaction with the locals, after a day you will no longer that you will not look like a visitor.

Local dialect

Culture is a major factor that draw people to the Philippine, and the drifter type of visitors enjoy learning the language of the native communities in Masbate. You should however not get worried about language barrier. English is the most spoken language around here and there are many English Speaking Guides to help you should you need their services.

Make your tour complete…

You will never have any story to tell of Masbate city if you do not visit the following islands, both for swimming, relaxation and crab collection for vocational practice.

  • Bicol main land
  • Ticao Island
  • Panay Island

Wondering how to get to Masbate City?

Several options are available to help reach Masbate:

  • Use the Montenegro Lines, which offer 4trips daily by a Craft that depart from Pilar or Sorsogon. It may, however, seem longer to use a bus from Sorsogon and then by Craft, but this is cheaper.
  • Another option is to use the Trans Asia Ferry from Cebu City that departs 3days weekly, and this is more applicable for those departing from Southern Philippines or Visayan region.

The renovation of the runaway in Masbate Airport that is taking place currently makes it impossible to travel by flight from Masbate to Manila and reverse, but the situation is expected to change in the near future.

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