Things to Do In Lamitan City

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The city of Lamitan is located in the province of Philippines, Basilan, Mindano. It is enclosed by the town of Tuburan on the south by Tipo-Tipo, Basilan Strait on the north and Isabela city on the west Isabela City. There are the several touristic attractions you can find in Lamitan City that will take your breath away. Though a Third Class City, many natural and man-made endowments gives a reason for travels to discover Lamitan.


There are many famous beaches to beach tourists in Lamitan. They a must visit for holiday makers, and include the Colugusan, Malo-ong, Balas, and Palm Beaches. A striking feature of them is their turquoise blue waters and white sand that allure and offering many sporting options for whole families and friends. Most travelers engage in fishing, picnicking, swimming, water snorkeling, boating, and skiing. If you want to enjoy a nice quiet day with your family at the beach I would recommend visiting the Calugusan beach, it is located in a coastal barangay 1 km away from Lamitan. It also has a stretched out sandy beach facing the Basilan Channel/Straight; perfect for relaxing enjoying the beauty of nature. The enticing clear and refreshing pristine waters will make you want to stay longer as you enjoy the peacefulness and gentle breeze.

Natural Attractions

For those who love mountain climbing, the perfect place to go is Mount Ubit. Located in Barangay Ubit, it is elevated at1300 feet above sea level. From the mountain summit, travelers enjoy scenic views of the entire peninsula and Lamitan poblacion, which is 5kms away from the site. You could also engage in other fun activities such wind surfing, scouting and dry picnic. One of the beautiful sceneries you should visit for all the nature lovers out there is the Bulingan Falls. With its unique block rocks formation with a clear stream cascading 21 feet into a rock pool enclosed by colorful flora and fauna. This is a mesmerizing sight one never forgets. Another sight to see is the Malo-ong Falls. It is located 11 km west of Lamitan town. It has a cave at the side of the falls serving as a breeding ground for the different bird species. With family and friends, you could take on picnics, swimming, and camping as other fun activities to enjoy

Historical Attractions

The Lamitan people are known to be religious for they have a newly renovated worship place for the Roman Catholic, which is located in Brgy. The church was built in the honor of St. Peter the Apostle and the patron saint of Lamitan; founder Pedro J.Cuevas. On 29th of June after the Lami-Lamihan Festival, the people celebrate the feast of Saint Peter. For those who like to time travel, the best place to go is at the heart of the city. There is the Museum and a Library, which consist of historical and cultural artifacts of Lamitan. Textbooks and reading material are readily available for both local and foreign tourists as well as Lamitans, who have an interest in their historical background. Kalun’s Shrine is also a well-known tourist attraction. The shrine serves as the resting place of the late pedro J. Cuevas, aka Datu Kalun. It is a private cemetery of the Cuevas-Pamaran Clan, who are descendants of the late great founder of Lamitan. They also have a marine sanctuary called the Malo-ong Marine Sanctuary which is located some 14 km from the town. It has been established and maintained to protect the corals, mangrove trees, and other marine lives. They have a wide variety of soft and hard corals, and different kinds of fish species can also be found in this sheltered marine area.

So the next time you plan to take a vacation, I would suggest you book the next flight to Lamitan City and have the time of your life.

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