Things to do in Hat Yai

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Located in the South Gulf Coast of Thailand near Malaysian border, is Hat Yai. It is the fourth largest city in Thailand, and, in fact, the largest in the province of Songkhia. Before it became such a beautiful, large, magnificent city, it used to be a small village. It was not until the coming up of the southern railway whose presence then made it grow into one of the major rail hubs of the southern part. The name Hat Yai is a short version of Mahat Yai which means a big tree. Getting to Hat Yai from various places one can use air, road or railway. From Bangkok, it is a distance of 946 kilometers. This town has a number of charming spots and other attractions that will make you want to live there for a while.

Klonghae Floating Market

There is some good news here for gastronomy tourists! Klongae market offers food lovers the famed Thai cuisine; and this is definitely the place to start your vacation. Even those who normally do not love food tourism, this market marks a lasting memory on the wonders of Thai delicacies. This market is a twenty-minute drive from the town. Food vendors sell their Thai dishes on permanently moored boats. A surprising fact of the dishes on offer is that they are an assortment of all available foods from ready to drink coconut juice, tropical fruits and vegetables to local foods that are cooked from the floating kitchens on the boats. The best dishes and drinks can be found here. Honestly, this is a place not to be missed.

Central Festival Mall

This is not just any mall; it is the largest shopping mall in HatYai. It is found near the Hatyai Weekend Night Market and the Magic Eye 3D Museum. This you can’t miss, whether a lover of shopping or not. It homes both local and international brands for the clothe-lovers and plays host to the IMAX cinema ad 4DX Cinema for movie lovers. There are other shopping malls yes, but this is what we call “Highso” meaning High Society but affordable too. Spending some time here drives away boredom and stimulates holiday enthusiasm.

Hat Yai Ice Dome

Located at the Hat Yai Park and near the cable car, this is a one of a kind ice dome. One gets the opportunity to experience the ice cold feeling inside this dome. Most of the structures on display here are designs carved by well-known Chinese sculptors, mostly from Harbin China who are popular in the world as the best ice sculptors. The ice dome it is the largest in the region, and you will not be able to find similar sculptors each year as they are rebuild to make other kinds of sculptors. Travelers visit this one of a kind place to enjoy -15 degree Celsius, and various sculptures from animals, castles and flora.


The common religion of the people of Hat Yai is Buddhism. Therefore, the city is filled with a number of beautiful shrines and temples that are dedicated to their Buddha gods. Such include the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy that is located on top of a hill at HatYai Municipal Park. At this temple, there are other eight immortal statues and Deities including; Kuan Gong, Budai who is referred as the ‘Fat Laughing Buddha’. Another Temple is the Four Faces Buddha temple located in the same park. Here most of the locals and people of the same religion go to seek the Hindu god Brahman for answers to their wishes. There are a number of miniature elephants placed around the temple, but the outstanding one is the Three Headed Elephant statue ‘Airavata’. There is also a firecracker located on the hilltop where devotees light firecrackers for good luck. Pilgrims will be interested in visiting the place and indulge in the worship with the locals who hold their faith very dearly.

In Hat Yai… You cannot visit and to fail to experience the magical rides of the cable cars. They are not only fun but interesting too. Book yourself a place in one of their magnificent hotels and enjoy a vacation in this place.

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