Things to do in Chaophraya Surasak

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When you think about this destination, you may not come up with many holiday activities to do but there is an assurance of a fun filled vacation. For one, Chao Phraya is in PhraNakhon District and acts as a Thailand’s significant waterway. The river serves as a means of transport connecting people to the city. Surasak, on the other hand, is a BTS station surrounded by some suburb quarters. The position is ideal especially for workers and residents inhabiting in the neighborhoods. Both Chaopraya and Surasak combine to bring out an excellent destination. Serene summers that are rainy and winters that have little or no rain characterize this hideaway. Temperatures range around 28.0 degree Celsius. Besides other pull factors, this pleasant climate makes tourists flock to Chaophraya Surasak.


Located on the Thonburi side of the river, locals popularly refer this site as “the Temple of Dawn” also famous as “Olive Temple” in the 16th Century. One thing that allures travelers to the temple is its magnificent architecture. People believe that it is the most ancient shrine in the entire Bangkok.   Visitors to the temple are permitted to burn incense and pay respect at the central prang’s shrine. The management also allows travelers to climb the steps to look at the beautiful surrounding view of the area, as well as the river. Use of ferry across the Chao Phraya is the easiest means to get to this site.

King Rama I Statue

Prince Naris is said to have constructed the statue in the 1930s. Its development was in the preparations of marking 150 years anniversary. The site is one of its kind: the reason it appeals. It situates at the epicenter of the traffic island, at Memorial Bridge’s front. The site depicts a seated King Rama I. Thai people hail him as the king who made Bangkok Thailand’s Capital. He is also perceived as an important individual in Thai’s history. To get to this attraction, visitors are advised to take a bus; either number 72 or 503.

Bang of Thailand Museum

This museum is situated inside the Bang Khum Prom Palace. Probably as a result of its location, many holidaymakers do not get to know about it, and some do not consider it worthy of a visit. However, this is a hidden jewel. With its art and currency collection, this is an interesting place to discover. It is usually amazing when vacationers get to find out the more than 14 different display rooms that feature the Thai currency through all ages. Even more interesting is the sight of the ancient coins room that contains collections of currency that date as back as the era when shells and beads were used as the mode of exchange for trade. Travelers also get to see and are informed about the Sri Vijaya coins, Dvaravati coins and Funan coins introduced later as a mode of for business transaction as civilization begun. Taking bus 3.32 or 65 will get you to this place.

King Royal Garden Inn

The Inn is another place that visitors to Chaophraya Surasak frequent. In the southern side of the Surasak station is this Royal Garden Inn. While its old and worn out, the property is a beauty to behold. It caters to budget clients too, and, therefore, no matter how small your pockets are, you find it affordable. Many people often view the Inn as playing a pivotal role in supporting the livelihood of both locals and foreigners. Normally tourists order and take their popular cuisines from the 24/7 minimarts you will find at the front of the hotel and whose vendors offer a variety of dishes such as Som Tam, KhaoKhamuu, and KhaoMun among others.

Chaophraya Surasak is a place you would wish to travel and should now be the next item in you “places to discover” list.

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