Thing to Do In Bogo, Cebu Phillipines

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Bogo is located in the northern part of Cebu province, in mainland Cebu.  Bogo is accessible by land and sea transportation. 

The main noticeable mark when coming into Bogo is the Virgin Mary Shrine on the highest point of a slope sitting above the town. Numerous individuals make a pilgrimage there as the zone is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

Presumably the biggest building in Bogo is the Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College, an advanced five story structure amidst town that has the biggest school populace of the 4 universities in the town.

The remnants of the Spanish town are still there in the Plaza that now houses a library and gallery. There is additionally a tight gage diesel train motor that used to pull sugar stick to the Bogo/Medellin Sugar Mill.

The town (now a city) is the focal business sector town for the greater part of the north of Cebu and neighboring islands of Masbate and Leyte as huge local mechanized water crafts originate from those islands and current business vessels.

Bogo has a substantial open market each day where you can discover a wide range of crisp foods grown from the ground, fish, chicken, port a meat and also local products and anything possible. The town has two retail establishment/stores (Gaisano and Prince Warehouse) and also the head Filipino fast food establishment, Jollibee. Several banks offer ATMs for global card holders.

On the west side the tempting ivory sand beaches of San Remigio or of Medellin, or of the not very removed island of Bantayan, are generally as available. Besides, the contiguous regions of San Remigio and Medellin host golf offices that are two of the best in the area of Cebu. Obviously, being in Bogo implies you have the accommodation of the business offices and the enhancements of a city inside simple range.

Tugbungan is a worth stop to say. You can watch the monkey in the pen going in. It is a lifted wooden walk path through the Mangroves out to Bogo Bay.

A traveler situated in Bogo basically has more options where to go. Toward the east side the amazing islet of Capitancillo, in itself a premium dive site, or the renowned dive site and beaches in Malapascua Island, or the sensitive sand rises of Kalanggaman Island.

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Bogo enjoys the third type of climate. It is characterized by no pronounced wet period and a dry season lasting from one to three months. Its relatively dry months are from November to May. The rainy season of the locality usually starts in June and ends in October. The average rainfall data in the area show that heavy rains usually fall from June to November.

Life in Bogo is moderate and easy…no one is in a rush. The general population here is among the friendliest in the Philippines.

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