Facts And Information About Switzerland

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Switzerland is a land of dreams for many. The beautiful landscapes and cool weather beckons every traveler to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature as well as enjoy luxury at its peak in the awesome hotels in Switzerland.

Fact 1 Geographical Position Of Switzerland

Switzerland is a European country that extends across the south and north of the Alps. It shares its borders with France, Italy, Germany, Liechtenstein and Austria. Perhaps it is the best place for tourists to enjoy nature in all forms. Although it is a small country spread over approximately 41,285 square km. the Alps are the highest mountain range that covers most of the area. The population is around 8 million and most people live in the plateau region. Glaciers are found in the high valleys of the Swiss Alps. The main rivers of Switzerland namely the Ticino, Rhine, Rhone and Inn originate from here. These rivers flow in different directions in the entire European continent. However, it does not have any shoreline and is locked by land on all sides.

Fact 2 Climate Of Switzerland

Like the various types of landscapes like high, snow-clad mountains, rivers, valleys, and lakes, the climate is also interesting. The mountainous regions experience glacial conditions while the valley areas have pleasant weather as well as warm and humid during the summers. Periodic rainfall makes the southern faces of the Alps the best grazing grounds for animals. Ticino canton experiences heavy showers occasionally. Autumn in Switzerland is dry and the weather is never stable. It varies from year to year also.

Fact 3 Industries And Education

The country is a tourists’ destination. It is a flourishing industrial area for finance and Banking, the renowned Swiss chocolate and watches for many years. Hiking trails and ski resorts are some offer earning opportunities for the Swiss population. The country boasts of its cities and Old Towns and landmarks of the medieval era like its capital Bern, the Cathedral of Bern and the Zytlogge clock tower.

Education is diverse in Switzerland and they are under the cantons. There are private and also public schools and international schools that are privately controlled. Children start school at the age of six although free education is imparted to younger children of four and five years in the cantons. An additional foreign language is taught in the high school. Recently English has been introduced apart from the national languages. Among the twelve universities, the first one was founded in Basel in 1460 which is renowned for its traditional chemical and medicinal research excellence in Switzerland. The Zurich University is the biggest education center along with the federal government sponsored ETHZ and EPFL institutes that claim international fame.

Fact 4 Places To Visit In Switzerland

There are many interesting places to visit here. The Canton Valais, Lucerne and the Rhine Falls are just beyond descriptions. These places offer nature lovers with ultimate satisfaction and you feel as if you are close to God. The stretches of green moors, open spaces and the mountains standing erect with their heads held up high as if to touch the sky is something that you must see to believe. The must visit tourists’ destinations are the financial centers of the country, the two cities of Zurich and Geneva. For fun lovers, Zermatt and Haute Route are amazing. The other must-visit places are Basel Region, Lugano Ticino, Bernese Oberlin, Bern, Valais, Lake Geneva Region and others.

Fact 5 Other Interesting Facts

Switzerland is known as a neutral country. Sports too is a part of the country and Roger Federer and Martina Hingis are from Switzerland. Ice Hockey and Soccer are common in Switzerland. The Red Cross that we are all familiar with today, was first started here.

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