Enjoying Phitsanulok the Creative Way

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Thailand has always been an interesting destination. This Asian country is known for its tropical waterfronts, ostentatious royal castles, venerable relics, and magnificent gilded pagodas.


 In the lower northern part of Thailand lies an ancient city named Phitsanulok. It was founded more than 600 years ago, is relatively 377 km north of Bangkok, and is the capital of Phitsanulok Province.

Apart from exploring its interesting sites and museums and gawking at those luxuriant splendid statues, there are still several activities that tourists and explorers can do in Phitsanulok.

 What Can Be Done?

If you are a night owl, an insomniac, or a hyperactive tourist who can’t seem to sleep at night, the “Night Market” is the best place for you to go. Every night, merchants assemble to sell clothing materials and food at extremely reduced prices. For bargain hunters and expert hagglers, the night market is an interesting place to spend the night. While enjoying the stroll along the market stalls, you can choose from numerous “snacks on sticks” and eat them while navigating the market. While exploring everything that this market can offer, you can look for Thai handicrafts, cheap t-shirts, jeans, handbags, accessories like belts, handmade paper products, candles, lamps, and more. And before calling it a night, never miss those vendors who sell from blankets laid on the sidewalk. They are your best bet for inexpensive Thai items and some unusual finds.

For art enthusiasts, art collectors, artists, or aesthetic educators, the Naresuan University Art and Culture Gallery will be their haven. The gallery has in its collection more than 100 artistic art pieces and products of culturally significant Thai artists. Anyone who gets into this gallery can gaze and wonder at these artifacts undisturbed to their heart’s content.

Or if you are a thrill-seeking ocean lover, boat racer, just love to feel the ocean breeze on your face, or crave the smell of the ocean’s salty whiff, the Dragon Boat Race is one activity you should not miss. On the first weekend of every October, dragon boat races are held outside of Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat Woramahawihan in the Nan River. Every dragon boat has a team of roughly 30 oarsmen. You can either watch them or request to join them. It will be fun and exhilarating.

Surprisingly, activities after sunset can also be found in Phitsanulok. Along the riverbanks adjacent to the night bazaar are a jumble of relaxing outdoor bars and also a few indoor bars and pubs at various sections of the city.

The best choice for hip and comfortable indoor jamming is the Wood Stock Bar with its fashionable 60’s- and 70’s-period tables and chairs with live music every day. With two TV screens displaying live sports, eating Thai food, pretty and hot local beer-girls, you might wonder if you really are in a small place somewhere in Thailand.

Finally, the best way to enjoy and feel Phitsanulok is to get a ride on a “rickshaw.” Similar to Singapore, many of the rickshaws in Phitsanulok Province are exquisitely spruced up. Actually, the rickshaw rides around the city are organized by travel operators. However, you can also easily hire one at the Night Bazaar district. Just make sure that the fare is agreed upon before starting the actual tour; and this will definitely depend on your bargaining skills, so haggle the best way you can. The ride usually takes half an hour or 45 minutes and will give you an authentic education about this small and wonderful city. Being at Phitsanulok will be an experience you will never forget in your lifetime.

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