The Benefits Of RFID

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Radio Frequency Identification or (RFID) as it’s popularly known has a lot of economical and technological benefits and as such it is increasingly being used in a number of applications. But what exactly is RFID? Well, it’s a technology that makes use of tags so as to receive and transmit radio signals to readers or interrogates that usually receive them. For them to receive or even respond to radio-frequency queries, the tags need to have antennas. They also do have electrical transponders that stores information that is usually used when it comes to identifying the specific item that it has been attached to.

Below are the benefits of RFID (economical).

  • Security alarms can be triggered by the tag in an event that they are removed from their original location
  • Its tag as well as reader communication are not sensitive to orientation.
  • One can be able to read tags despite the fact that the solution does not have a line of sight access.
  • Automatic data logging and scanning is possible without having to have any human intervention.
  • The tag internal data can be unique in some parts or even common in other parts. It is also comprehensive and compatible when dealing with data processing in an ERP system.
  • One can be able to label each item individually.
  • Despite having a unique product code such as standardized Electronic Product Code, each tag can still be able to hold a lot of information within an internal memory bank.
  • There is a high degree of product authentication and security provided by the system and as a result counterfeiting a tag is difficult than a barcode.
  • One can be able to track their product as well as retrieve data from anywhere provided that a reader is close to a tag thanks to the supporting data infrastructure that has been put in place.

As mentioned earlier there are two types of benefits associated with RFID and these two are economical and technological benefits. Now that we have already tackled the economical benefits that associated with RFID, we are going to look at the technical benefits. One major technical benefit associated with RFID is being able to save money as well as increase the efficiency of a given process. This is due to the fact that that there will be less risk in terms of errors and there will be real time information about certain assets thanks to the RFID. Below is a complete list of the technical benefits of RFID.

  • Increase in productivity

Due to the fact that there won’t be too much monitoring and that information and goods are handled efficiently there will be an increase in productivity.

  • Easier to respond to circumstances

Responding to certain circumstances is easier thanks to the RFID system being in place because the information will be gained will be from the supply networks.

  • Less error

Another technical benefit of RFID is that with it in place there will be less errors recorded because human intervention will not be needed.

  • Higher reliability

The fact that there is no human intervention also sees to it that there is higher reliability in the system thanks to the RFID system being place.

  • Improved traceability and visibility

Another technical benefit that is associated with RFID is improved traceability and visibility this is due to the fact that there will be an increase in the whole process of monitoring as well as tracking assets and shipments.

  • Used to track assets efficiently

RFID can be used when it comes to tracking assets and as such it helps in reducing misplacement or loss of goods. Additionally it minimizes shrinkage while at the same time providing additional security for items that have been tagged.

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