iPhone Apps For Babies

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What do babies have to do with phones? Well, a lot actually. If taking care of your little bundle-of-joy seems like a daunting task ‘“ and it always is ‘“ there is a lot of help to be found from your iPhone. There is a host of iPhone apps that can help you bring up your toddler, help you with her learning, and most importantly, capture those priceless moments of her growing up.

While a search on the app store will bring up hundreds of baby-related apps, they can be broadly classified into two categories. Apps for tracking and helping you with the baby’s growth & capturing memories, and apps that aid the Baby’s learning.

Tracking growth

Things begin early here. There are apps to manage the baby’s development right from the early days of pregnancy. Baby Center‘s ‘˜My Baby Today’ allows you to create calendars, feeding schedules, track various events and capture moments curating your little one’s growth on a daily basis. You can access a host of information related to her development and even ask an ‘œIs this normal?’ question. Another good app in this category is ‘˜WebMD Baby‘, that also gives you access to a wealth of medically approved articles, tips and tricks, and allows you to collaborate with friends and family to compare notes.

In a sub-category of its own, are Baby Monitoring apps, that can turn your iPhone into a fully functional baby monitor over a Wi-Fi network. While the idea is nifty, expect these apps to be battery guzzlers. ‘˜Baby Monitor AV’ & ‘˜Third Eye’ are two top-of-the-list apps here.

Learning Aid

There is a lot more diversity here, with apps ranging from very basic learning aids to fairly complex ones. There are apps to familiarize your young one with basic shapes and colors, animals, things, all the way up to complex words and numbers. There is really no end to the kind of apps that can be found for children of various age. The most basic ones are musical apps that allow babies to play with basic shapes and colors. A good listing here is ‘œLaugh and Learn’ from Fisher Price. There a host of flash-card based apps that allow children to get to know animals & things. Cubic Frogs have a set of apps to let children play around with various environments ‘“ like the ‘˜Preschool Edukitchen’ playfully introduces them to the various items you find in a kitchen.

Under the larger category of learning, there are various other kind of apps that can engage with your child in different ways. A simple search will lead you to apps that read out a story, sing nursery rhymes, take your baby on an adventure along a barn or simply let her play the piano on the phone. On the other end of the spectrum are apps bordering on games or pure games. Simple puzzles and picture based games are numerous in this category. The simplest game we could find was ‘œBubbles’, an animated app to keep you precious distracted with colorful bubbles floating around the screen.

And then there are the all-in-one Multi-activity apps like ‘œPhone for Kids’ by TabTale, which would let you do many of the above mentioned things, neatly packed together, all in one place.

Last words

There are no dearth of apps for your baby on the app store, and more are being written every day. Pick one based on her age and your specific needs. And in case you are worried about your phone as your little one plays with it ‘“ well there’s the Laugh and Learn iPhone case from Fisher Price! Get yourself one of those!

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