iPhone Applications for College Students-Make Your Tedious Life a Little Easier

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The iPhone and iPad popularity has revolutionized college life and education. Have you been always searching for iPhone applications that can help you out of your tedious college life? Ah! Here we are to help you out with it. There are plenty of apps that are available to make your life pretty easy; some may be free, and some may cost. No worries; we will make you aware of applications that may help you in education or organizing or schedules.

1. Application organizing your schedule:
If you want to organize your schedule in a proper way, download iStudiez Pro. It will cost you $2.99, but it is useful in organizing all deadlines, tasks, and other works.

2. iPhone applications for education:
iPhone apps are the best to employ education and have a great learning experience. Some of the education apps are as follows:

a. iHomework
As we all know, school and college students have lots of subjects and attend their respective classes; they need to keep track of each one. Each subject may include assignments, homework, tests, and a lot of other stuff. If you are a student, I have great news for you; this app can help you make your task a little easier. What it will do is that once you enter the subjects and their respective assignments or homework details, it will provide you notifications and remind you your homework or other tasks are pending.
b. iTunes U
iTunes U built by Apple provides you with all the important educational content of all subjects from the best universities. This app helps students with their self-studies.
c. Vocabology
Vocabology is an app that helps children or grownups learn different words of varied languages. Every day it teaches you a new word.
d. Motion Math
For students at first, learning mathematical functions and then practicing them is just a boring task. Motion Math helps students with the same boring functions in an interesting manner. It explains those functions as if it is a game, and one has to reach or solve the issues.
e. TED
TED is one of the greatest ways to hear the lectures of great innovators. This app helps you to learn by watching and hearing those talks.

3. Another essential thing that every college student needs is the dictionary app called American Oxford Dictionary. Students all need a dictionary with them to know the meanings of some difficult words during their lectures. Downloading American Oxford Dictionary will help them easily find words anywhere and anytime they face problems.

4. Also as above, I have mentioned an app that will help you keep track of your homework, assignments, and other stuff; but it cost you money. If you wish to have a free app, you can download myhomework. This app is very easy to use, as it has a simple user interface. Here in this app, you can provide colors to the tasks that are pending, scheduled, and done. So whenever you open the app, you will be reminded by the color that your tasks are pending and are to be done soon.

5. Students going for chemistry classes need to keep periodic tables with them. You can download a periodic table application. It will have all the elements and a chemistry calculator in it. Focusing on students’ minds, the interface has been designed as simple and understandable as possible.
You can have a lot of iPhone applications that satisfy college needs, but you need to be careful while choosing one. Select those apps that can effectively help in each and every difficulty you face with all accuracy.

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