Why iPhone 6 won’t turn on?

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One day, man will create flawless machines. Till then, there are Apple products. Most of the time, they just work. But even Apple products can have their bad hair day. There are times when your iPhone won’t behave the way you would expect. Like any other phone, it can slow down, freeze, or refuse to boot. Not very likely, but possible.

So what do you do if you find your phone on a temporary work-stoppage and refusing to boot up? There could be a range of things that could be the reason. As always with tech, they range from the ridiculously mundane to nerve-racking serious. Let us look at the most probable ones.

In increasing order of seriousness and decreasing order of likelihood, the main causes for an iPhone on strike are as follows –

A drained battery

  • A completely drained battery
  • A frozen phone
  • A damaged software
  • A damaged hardware

The first four are within the realm of mortal men. If it is the last, book an appointment to Apple store. And this is how you rule them out one by one.

A drained battery – Usually you would see a low battery sign when you try to switch it on. Plug it in, and your phone should boot up. You probably have figured this out by yourself by now.

A completely drained battery – With a fully depleted battery, the phone wouldn’t even show the low battery sign.Plug it in and leave it for quarter of an hour. Your phone would start charging immediately, but don’t expect anything to happen for a while. Go out for a stroll. Chat with your mum. Come back and try switching it on. It should start pulsating with life.

A frozen phone – This is the Apple version of a crashed software. In the olden days you would deal with this by removing and re-inserting the battery. With an Apple phone, to have the same effect, you do a hard reset. Press and hold the home button and the power button together till something happens. This can take up to 20 seconds. The phone would go into a forced reboot and you would see the all familiar Apple logo. The problem may be compounded if the battery is completely drained too. To rule that out, charge your phone for about 15 minutes, and then try this.

A damaged software – Sometimes the iPhone’s software may become corrupt or require a fresh installation. If you are lucky, it will show you a sign which will tell you to connect your phone to an iTunes enabled computer. Plug it in with your mac or PC and start iTunes. If it is a software problem, iTunes would recognise it as a phone in ‘Recovery Mode’. Follow the instructions after that. There is a chance here that your data is gone forever. Unless you have backed it up to iCloud. Lesson: Always back up your data on iCloud.

A damaged hardware – This is the worst possible outcome that may befall your precious toy. The bad news with Apple products is that they rarely do a hardware fix for you. Two things are its worst enemy – liquid and physical force. In either case, Apple will refuse to fix your phone, and you will only be left with the option to replace it. If you are lucky, the fault might be a simpler hardware issue, and they might fix it for you. In any case, you’d need to take it to an Apple store.

But don’t worry, very few humans deserve that fate. You probably don’t.

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