Iphone 6 And Galaxy S6 Comparison

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Now, this one is going to be the Clash of Titans with the two largest ever mobile phone manufacturers in the World till date. The American MNC Apple up for the clash with their latest and most advanced Iphone 6 against a beastly Galaxy S6 from the Korean cellular giant, Samsung. Samsung did fall off on their way mildly when their previous model Galaxy S5 did not get all the attention they were looking for. Finally Samsung decided to rip off their tormented face and put on a tough figure. Its counterpart, Apple has always been watched out as the biggest threat by all the other cell phone makers. Still, needless to say, Apple have not been quite succeeded in making Steve Jobs proud after his departure.

A quick glance at the specs, you’ll notice that Galaxy S6 just thrashes the Iphone 6’s long kept image. But surprisingly enough, the Galaxy S6 has striking similarities to the Iphone 6’s design. Looks like Samsung has finally scraped out its plastic body parts and adapted the all Aluminum and glass body just like the Iphone 6. Not only sneaking into the Iphone 6’s design to an enormous extend, these people have also managed to bring down its thickness to 0.1 millimeters thinner than the Iphone 6 with 6.8 mm equating to 6.9 in the Iphone 6, hats off to the Korean brains at Samsung. On the display grounds too, Samsung scoops the deal with an impressive 5.1 inches over a 4.7 inch display on the Iphone 6. Iphone 6 features an ion strengthened glass and the sturdy IPS LCD display which has been Apple’s age-old and proven that it is extremely durable than any LED displays. Galaxy S6 is hyper with its latest super AMOLED display ruling out the Apple’s effort.

Samsung has come up with countless number of flabbergasts this time which quite essentially makes us ask, Does it pay off? Samsung has smashed up the specs sheet by spiking in an enormous 2560×1440 pixels with a PPI of 577. Now that’s supposed to be a crazy feast for the eye, but you will need an extra pair of eyes and stare at the screen for 10 minutes to actually figure out any difference, also the additional battery wastage. Apple’s Retina Standard display comes with a 326 PPI which is exceptionally comfortable and perspicuous to the eye. The Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S6 is mighty with its rugged nature and it IS scratch less all the way.

Coming to the processor ratings, Iphone rocks their latest A8 64-bit Dual core processor which gets humiliated compared to the much superior Samsung Exynos 7 64-bit OCTA core processor, needless to say the 1:3 RAM ratio which again scorns at the Apple’s face.

Camera is one of the major features considered while on the look out to buy a new phone. People of all ages are gradually turning professional with their photography skills and all they care about is a well integrated camera in their cellular phones. Apple continually improving their camera technology arrives with the same 8 MP iSight camera with newly added focus pixels and aperture measures to even ease out low light snaps. Samsung is seizing new levels with their amazing 16MP ISOCELL camera which also comes with Optical image stabilization which doesn’t feature in an Iphone 6 but does feature in its Plus version. Not just on papers, Samsung does really shatter the floors with the camera’s performance which include 4K, 1080p and 720p video recording. Samsung also features a 5 MP wide front camera which enhances better selfies while Iphone 6 comes with a 1.2 MP camera enabling HDR.

There is not much surprise in the OS with Apple’s iOS 8.1.3 in the Iphone 6 and standard Android Lollipop 5.0.2 featured on the S6. Interestingly enough Samsung has discontinued its extendable storage option on the S6 and the product is available in 32/64/128 GB storages. Summing up, to this stand point, it’s certainly up to the customer to decide on which Smartphone to get your hands on.

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