Five Simple Android Apps For Seniors

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There are number of features offered by Android phones now-a-days and that’s too in a low price tag. Ironically, the interface is not suitable for everyone, especially for our parents and grandparents. All of us experience that the options and the interface offered by android phones are quite difficult to understand and operate. Therefore, in our article we are suggesting to use Launchers. Launchers are one of the biggest advantage for Android devices. They are capable of changing the look and feel of the device totally. Android launchers get customized easily and one can switch between the launcher and original theme very efficiently. This is unlike the themes and customizing options available for other mobile operating systems. In our article, we have come up with a few set of simple launchers for old people so that they can easily understand the operation. Have a look on descriptions below:

1. Simple Senior Phone

The Simple Senior Phone will make everything calmer on the Android device. It has some default features such as big icons, home screen simplification, important contacts in the face front, etc. These features comes up automatically once the installation of the application is finished. The launcher will not use the default notifications, instead there will be bigger fonts and different colors for quick reading and identification. This app will be very helpful for seniors and people having bad eyesight. In addition, it also has an inbuilt option to block disturbing users.

2. Necta Launcher

Considered as a must have application, Necta Launcher is another device for old aged people. It makes all the selections tranquil and bigger on the Android Smartphone. It has simple to use apps, only the important apps like Contacts, SMS, location, etc., will be displayed on the home screen. Extra-large font size is there for all the installed apps which is helpful for seniors and poor eye sighted people.

3. Wiser Launcher

Next comes Wiser Launcher, which is one of the simple launchers considered on Android device. There will be only six chief selection presented on the home screen with icons of big size and the app will completely redesign the interface. In wiser launcher, all of the vital contacts and apps can be added to ‘œFavorites’ section in the home screen for quicker access. With just a swipe, one can access the contacts and apps added in Favorites section.

4. Big Launcher

Another one is Big Launcher, it is yet another simple launcher for Android. Everything on the Smartphones and Tablets is augmented by the device. Custom designed interface is there bringing all the important applications, contacts and emergency buttons to the home screen. There is a clear view for easy reading of Dialers and messages. All of its default interface is large which is easy to see. The application comes with both free and premium versions.

5. Large Launcher Senior Phone

Last but not the least, Large Launcher will make the default options simple and easy to use for seniors, unlike the complicated default interface. There will be only two things to do, either slide up or slide down, or tap the apps to open. All icons and fonts will be made larger with simplified notifications, similar to other launchers for seniors. Features like SOS for sending current location are also available. This app has a beautiful home screen compared to other launchers. It also organize all the important apps automatically.

We hope that all the mobile phones, or launchers mentioned in our post will be utmost helpful to seniors where they can also enjoy and take benefit of modern gadgets easily.

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