The Most Expensive Watch Brands

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The invention of watches proved to be very helpful to human beings. Gradually the art of making watches took a different turn. Apart from telling the time, they were more like showpieces. Various watch brands grew up offering customers with unique designer watches.

Fact 1 Why Some Of The Watches Were So Expensi
Man is always eager to acquire something that is new and special. The watch brands started manufacturing watches to show case the design, art, and specialty that would appeal to affluent men and women. Stylish people love to collect rare and interesting things and so the best brands offered unbeatable watches to the customers that were very expensive.

Fact 1 The Best Brands With High Prices

Initially, some of the brands that topped the list for men’s watches were Seiko, Omega, Tissot, Rolex, and such others. However, recent research shows that the most expensive watch brands are namely the following:

1. Lange & Sohne – This unrivalled brand offers unique watches for men. It is a German brand and the price of the watches start from $14 and sells for even $580k. The brand’s outstanding Greubel Forsey Invention Piece 2 Quadruple Tourbillon costs $ 750,000
2. Vacheron Constantin is a prestigious Swiss brand. The founder of this watch company was Jean-Marc Vacheron. Celebrities like Presidents, Emperors, and Popes wore these watches. The price of this brand is extremely high because of its rarity, heritage, and rich history. Sometimes the price goes up to $2.8 million also.
3. Patek Philippe has gained prominence as one of the most expensive watch brands because it the one of the premier watchmakers of the world. Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe founded the company in 1851. In 2014, The Super Complication, a watch from this brand was sold for $24 million at auction. The watches of this brand are usually priced between $10k and $780k.
4. Roger Dubuis watches are also expensive although it is more or less a young watch brand. Nevertheless, the style, uniqueness, and outstanding looks have fetched a price of $263,000.
5. The other well known watch brands that are a collector’s pride include Piaget which costs $151,995; Jaeger LeCoultreBvlgari Diagono Chronograph $16900
Piaget $151,995, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is available for $36,630, Rolex GMT MASTER II is priced at $33,250.

Fact 2 Most Expensive Watch Brands For Women

Women’s watches are more attractive and beautiful. The main idea of these watch brands is to portray their versatility in art of watch making. The watches combine style and technology in a perfect blend that appeals to affluent and fashionable women. Some of the fashion accessories offered by the best watch brands are:

The world’s most expensive watch is offered by the brand Richard Mille Caliber. The RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch costs $465,000 and is one of the most coveted watches among women. The case is made of white gold adorned with a black alligator band that gives it a more expensive look.
2. Patek Philippe Twenty is another most expensive watch brands. It costs $285,500. . The watch is studded with diamonds in a case of white gold. Unlike other watches, it is water-resistant and has a pave dial.
3. Cartier is among the most expensive watch brands and it offers amazing designer watches. The Cartier La Dona Watch comes with a white gold case and the band is also made of white gold. It costs $137,000.
4. Parmigiani Fleurier is another watch brand that has swayed the world of fashionable women with exclusive watches. The most outstanding is the Toric Retrograde Perpetual Calendar Watch from this brand. It is a classic creation with has diamonds and the hands are decorated with stars and moons. It costs $123,000.

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