Differences Between iPhone 6 and OnePlus One

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Here is one of the most respected comparisons this year with the tech aristocrats of the generation Apple coming up with their new launch version iPhone 6 and something new named the OnePlus One. Now, some of us may have heard about the newcomer, while others have not. However, it’s quite clear that in order to be compared with technology’s largest heavyweights, this guy must obviously be a massive game changer.

OnePlus One is being referred to as the “flagship killer” of this year; this phone is already making headlines up-front. Not only does it amaze us with its over-the-cloud specifications, but the phone is actually dead cheap! It’s even cheaper than Nexus 5, which was the cheapest of the bunch. Not so unexpected is the Apple’s iPhone 6 coming out this year, which is not reviewed as overwhelmingly awesome; but it’s thoroughly refined according to customer needs. Apple’s losing Jobs did result in the company losing some of its prime luster. Despite the OnePlus One looking promising and triumphant, the company is undergoing a lot of internal issues. Its shaky launch did hurt; and if you are looking to buy one, the phone is almost impossible to find anywhere.

In the hands, both of these beauties are seamless and crafted to perfection. While iPhone 6 is incredibly smooth and slippery, which must be frightening at those moments when you lose the grip, the body is made of aluminum and a crazy 6.9 mm on the thickness gauge compared to 8.9 mm on the OnePlus One. We all have been longing for a larger display in an iPhone when all the Androids and other rivals came up with giant planks. The iPhone 6 came with a nice 4.7-inch display and 326 ppi, which is an improvement over the previous model. Regardless of the screen size and ppi, iPhone 6 has a feast of a display to look at, and the colors are mighty vibrant. A look at the OnePlus, and it flares a 5.5-inch, 1080p mega display with 401 ppi. It rocks a sexy curved-over back cover with a sandstone black surface, which makes you feel that your hands just hold the phone so comfortably. The material gives such a great premium feel that you can never believe it is a $299 phone.

The OnePlus One has about a million customizable settings. CyanogenMod, which is an open-source OS based on the Android, is at the heart of OnePlus One. That means it’s basically an Android 4.4.4 KitKat but custom-built for the OnePlus. CyanogenMod, often referred to as “CM,” is mainly focused on solving the day-to-day issues of the users. It comes with the ability to modify and customize every tiny bit about the phone. OnePlus One also surprises us with the cool hand gestures that make it killer convenient. Just two knocks on the screen, and the display wakes up; draw a V on the screen, and there you have your instant flash torch and such. The iPhone 6 launches Apple’s most advanced iOS 8 software and brilliantly fast A8 processor, which has always been an obsession for the users. It comes with 1 GB RAM, which seems pretty low compared to 3 GB and 2.5 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon on the OnePlus One, but it never really creates a problem. The iPhone 6 with the amazing Touch ID feature, which scans your fingerprints on the home screen button to unlock the phone, makes it super convenient. Comparison is really stiff when it comes to the camera. Even with an 8 MP camera that is the same as the previous iPhone, compared to 13 MP in OnePlus One, Apple has definitely proved that megapixels aren’t everything. Both shoot amazing videos and terrific images even in low light. With all these impressive yet cheap choices, the choice is definitely ours to make.

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