Comparison On Iphone 6 And Galaxy Note 4

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Apple and Samsung is on their never ending technological rivalry that just won’t die but gets intense with each new market-thrasher models they come up with. The American super brain Apple with their flagship model Iphone 6 and the Korean giants Samsung nailing the ground with the all new Galaxy Note 4. On the first look, Iphone 6 is essentially a kid compared to the Note 4 in size but that just doesn’t make it a better phone. Also with the giant size come added trouble and discomfort while using it one handed. However, these two pieces of cutting edge electronic architecture are the most popular devices on the market at present.

The Note 4 is the latest and the hottest in the bunch of Notes and it stands out confidently leading the lot. Apple’s Iphone 6 on the other hand rocks thorough changes looking at its predecessor, Iphone 5s. Putting both the phones aside, it is evident that the design strategy of the duo are quite diverse. To a large number of people’s eyes, Iphone 6 does seem like the perfect size for a smart phone which in fact slides inside a pocket comfortably. Note 4 just blows the opportunity for buyers of that group. It’s screen size is enormous with a 5.7 inch display which is precisely one inch more than the Iphone 6. Now there is actually nothing wrong with a larger display, however the Note 4 does feel noticeably wide in its design. Galaxy Note 4 is a well engineered device owing to its chamfered metal rails, premium leather textured plastic back and the humped corners for extra impact protection making it damage free. Apple comes with a more stylish and sleek design with 6.8 mms which is much thinner compared to 8.5 mm on the Note 4. Iphone 6 also is occasionally slippery in the hands and that is too uncomfortable in such a seamless phone, it scares the heck out of you. Apple also comes with antenna bands at the back and a protruding camera lens making it less cool.

     Note 4 sports the amazing Super AMOLED display with richer and vibrant colors feasting the eye with a pixel density of 515 PPI compared to a much lower 326 PPI pixel rate but natural IPS LCD display which was almost the same as in the Iphone 5s. Camera is arguably one of the major factors while buying a mobile phone. Note 4 comes with an impressive 16 MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization which the Iphone 6 lacks. Now, the Iphone 6 comes with a much lowly 8 MP camera on paper but Apple shows us again that Megapixels aren’t everything. Apple’s camera technology always remained the best in the field and despite the 8 MP rating, it never fails to perform even in low light conditions which is what an average person is looking for.

Iphone 6 features Apple’s new Touch ID for user authentication by just seamlessly touching the Home button at the bottom. Samsung’s Note 4 also comes with the same technology but one need to swipe his thumb over the Home button. However Samsung’s feature is less efficient and fragile and you have to swipe more times to get you identified many a times. Yet, Note 4 covers its weaknesses in other areas with an impressive 3220 mAh battery pack compared to a mere 1810 mAh on the Iphone 6 which is not bad at all as it comfortably gets you through the day without dying. Apple traditionally does not provide expandable memory in their models which is covered by Note 4 which comes with 32 GBs on internal memory and up to 128 GB expandable.

The software on the two models are obvious with the iOS on the Iphone 6 and Android Lollipop. Note 4 again features the S pen which is not just for doodling or such but also helps with arranging documents and also in a lot of other customizations and applications. Overall, Note 4 is more of a professional choice in my opinion while Apple keeps it simple, personal and interesting.

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