Benefits Of AJAX

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In today’s world, AJAX is increasingly becoming an integral part of each and every website that is being built. In fact, if you were to look at websites of some of the world’s most recognized and well established brands, you will get to find out that many of them use AJAX when it comes to handling their web applications. The main reason as to why this tends to happen is because of the fact that the process of implementing AJAX on a given website doesn’t require a page to be reloaded for content that is dynamic on web pages. In addition to these particular fact, there are other plenty of reasons as to why you should consider using AJAX and below is a list of advantages that are associated with using AJAX.

Better Interactivity

This is without a doubt the best benefit that comes with using AJAX and the main reason as to why many developers as well as webmasters are switching to AJAX when it comes to developing their websites. With AJAX, developers and webmasters can easily and quickly interact with the website and users given the fact that the web pages are not reloaded in order for the content to be displayed.

Asynchronous calls

With AJAX one can be able to make calls that are asynchronous to the web server and this makes it possible for the client browser not to wait for all the data to arrive before allowing users to act once or more than twice.

Minimal Data Transfer

With AJAX you won’t be required to send all the form data to the server neither will you have to perform full post-back. That said, operations will occur much faster and utilization will be minimized drastically. This particular factor can result into a greater improvement of network performance in locations that have restricted pipes transfer of data.


Another great advantage of using AJAX is that it allows you to easily organize and manage your work. With AJAX in place you will be able to easily handle and manage several multi-purpose applications as well as features by using one web page. To add on to that, you can be to achieve lots of work by simply using a few lines of code and this fact has made a favorite among many webmasters and website developers.

There is limited processing on the server

Ensuring that the server is not overwhelmed with work is just one of the many ways of ensuring that you will have your site running smoothly. With AJAX in place there will be very little data being sent to the server and as such the server will not be required to undertake lots and lots of work. In general, the server will not be required to process all the elements given the fact that only data that are necessary will be sent to the server. Some of the process that will be avoided by taking up AJAX are processing the View-State and sending a full page or images back to the client just to mention a few.


Given the fact that AJAX applications tend to be asynchronous on the client, they tend to be very responsive compared to applications that are not AJAX based.

Easier Navigation

Gone are the days where one required traditional forward and back button in our browsers to navigate. This traditional method, despite its benefits, sometimes made navigation very slow and as such the introduction of new modern methods of making the process much faster. One of the ways in which you can be able to make navigation on your website easier is by using AJAX. This tends to happen given the fact that in most cases AJAX applications are usually built in such a way that they enable easy navigation.

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