Benefits Of Microsoft Excel

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If you happen to work as an account then there is a high possibility that you use Microsoft Excel from time to time. There are plenty of reasons why accountants choose to work with Microsoft Excel and one of these reasons is usually its benefits. This post will get to highlight these benefits but before getting into this lets first of all take a look back and see how Microsoft Excel came to be. Back in 1987, even before Microsoft Excel came to be, Lotus 123 was the main spreadsheet that was being used. If you were to ask any accountant who used Lotus 123 as a spreadsheet they will tell you that it saved them plenty of time in ensuring that each book is perfect. They will also tell you that it wasn’t that easy to use, in fact you had to have some experience when it comes to computers before you can be able to use it. Additionally, it was cumbersome and as a result many people did not take it up as they preferred to keep on using the old methods they were used to. Having taken all this into account Microsoft came with their very own version of the spreadsheet some years later that was highly received by many given that it was intuitive and very easy to use. It also allowed different module interaction such as a word processor, a database and a spreadsheet. Now that we have touched a little bit on their history lets now take a look at the benefits of Microsoft excel.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel

The benefits of Microsoft Excel are varied and wide for instance it allows you to easily manipulate, analyze as well as manage data thus helping you in the whole process of decision making. Regardless of whether or not you are using it for business purposes as an accountant or even managing your personal expenses Microsoft Excel has all the tools that will help you in ensuring that you accomplish your goals.

Below are the main benefits of Microsoft Excel.

  • Can easily analyze a large amount of data

Over the past couple of years there have been a number of upgrades made to Microsoft Excel. These upgrades have enabled Microsoft Excel to analyze large amounts of data quickly. Microsoft Excel also features powerful sorting, search and filtering tools that makes the whole process of decision making easier. Other features include Pivot Tables, Tables and Graphs and these features, combined with the previous three, will make your work easier and faster. The best part about Microsoft Excel is that you don’t need to have a powerful computer for you to use it your low powered laptop can easily run it

  • Effective Comparisons

One tool that Microsoft Excel features is its powerful analytical tool. This helps when it comes to analyzing large amounts of data so as to discover a certain pattern or trend that might end up influencing your decision. You can also summarize your data using Microsoft Excel thanks to its graphing capabilities. Summarizing helps in structuring and organizing your data.

  • Working together

Thanks to the Excel Web App you can now work simultaneously with other users on a particular spreadsheet. Working together on a particular spreadsheet simultaneously has its own advantages such as enhancing your ability to streamline certain process and allowing you to brainstorm with other people while working on a large amount of data. It also features a collaboration tool that makes the whole process of working on a certain data easier. Microsoft Excel worksheets are web based and as such you can be able to collaborate anywhere you want.

  • Microsoft Excel Mobile & iPad Applications

Thanks to advancement in technology there have been numerous applications for mobile and iPad being created. This applications help in many ways. As for Microsoft Excel there are applications that have been developed for mobile phones and iPad and as a result you don’t have to necessarily bring your laptop during presentations. The power of both iPads and mobile devices allows you to easily manipulate and update your data. The best part is that it will allow you to view the spreadsheet right on your phone or iPad once you are done making the changes.

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