Benefits of Jailbreaking Apple TV

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There are many benefits associated with Apple TV, such as being able to watch iTunes movies and TV shows, accessing all NHL and NBA games, and last, but not least, streaming Netflix. But if you really want to enjoy the benefits that comes with owning an Apple TV, you can accomplish that by jailbreaking it. So how does this all work? Well, just like jailbreaking an iPhone, the process of jailbreaking your Apple TV is very simple; and it involves the process of getting root access of your Apple TV to allow you to have full control of your device’s firmware and operating system.

So why jailbreak your Apple TV?

The benefits of jailbreaking Apple TV are many, and below are some of the major ones to help you enjoy the TV.

For Customization

Jailbreaking your Apple TV will allow you to have more control of your device, and you will be able to personalize it the way you want it. For instance, once you jailbreak your device, you will be able to hide menus, adjust your screen saver settings, and even add slideshows to the main menu of your Apple TV.


In general, XBMC will allow you to access most of the content that Apple TV offers. But it’s good to note that XBMC also features a variety of beautiful custom themes and plug-ins from a number of developers. The XBMC is a must-have for any individual who has an Apple TV, especially if you have jailbroken it. Other than offering you the option of changing how your Apple TV looks and feels, the XBMC has a wealth of great media content that keeps Apple TV owners entertained.

Remote HD

Remote HD is an app that allows you to control your Apple TV remotely using your iPad, iPod, or even your iPhone. Despite the fact that this app is an Apple-certified product that is found in Apple’s App Store, it offers a better input experience with Apple TVs that have been jailbroken.


For only $99, the Apple TV is, without a doubt, a perfect gadget for those who are more into finding quality media content. In addition, individuals who own the Apple TV get other benefits, such as access to AirPlay and AirPlay mirroring. That said, jailbreaking your Apple TV opens a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to media content. Once you jailbreak your device, you will have access to Amazon, Pandora, ESPN, NBA, CBS, MTV, A&E, and many other great content from some of the world’s most well-known brands for offering quality media content.

aTV Flash (Black)

For you to fully benefit from jailbreaking your Apple TV, you will first have to set up a number of applications and plug-ins. This process, as important as it is, can be a very daunting task. There is hope, though, as FireCore software addresses this issue with its aTV Flash (black) utility service. Once you run this utility service on your computer, it will do all the work for you; and by work, I mean it will install all the necessary applications and plug-ins. One thing to note is that the aTV Flash (black) will cost you $29.95. Despite the price tag, getting the aTV Flash (black) will make the whole process of maintaining your Apple TV extremely easy.

All that said, there are many benefits other than the ones listed above when you jailbreak your Apple TV. Therefore, this is a practice that is highly encouraged if you want to get the very best from your Apple TV.

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