Android Apps For Toddlers

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Are you having a tough time taking care of your baby? Well, help is at hand. There is a host of android apps that can help you take care of your toddler. The apps range from simple collections of lullabies to more elaborate offerings, that can help you manage your little one on a day to day basis. There are apps to help your baby learn, and apps that allow you to capture those precious memories as she grows up. So basically, if there is a thing that you need some help with, chances are you will find an app for it in the Play store.

A simple search will bring up a host of baby-related apps. These can be broadly classified into three categories; engagement apps, learning apps and baby management apps.

Engagement Apps

The simplest apps are the ones that help keep your baby engaged. ‘Baby Sounds by Eduard Ereza has over a million downloads on the Play store. its basically a collection of sounds that babies make, which can be a great way of keeping your little one occupied. ‘Baby Sleep instant by the Urbandroid Team is probably the highest rated baby app in the Android environment. This nifty collection of lullabies can be a very useful companion to help your baby sleep. They call it ‘a sleep aid that works‘.

Learning Apps

The next category of baby apps are the ones that can help your baby learn. The Fisher-Price series of apps is a great example of this. These cute looking apps can help your little one learn a variety of things like animal sounds, letters and basic shapes and colours, all within a colourful and engaging environment. Another set of apps in this category are the nursery-rhymes ones. The app from Internet Design Zone has been downloaded by over a million users and has a great collection of colourful, animated nursery rhymes. There is also a set of musical apps like My Baby Piano and My Baby Drum that fall somewhere between the two categories.

Baby Management Apps

In the third category are the apps that help you manage a your little one’s life cycle. Baby Center‘s ‘My Baby Today allows you to create calendars, set feeding schedules, track various events and monitor sleep patterns. You can capture moments and document milestones, curating the story of her growing up. You can also access a host of information related to her development. There is a feature that allows you to ask an “Is this normal?” question.

Another good app in this category is ‘WebMD Baby‘, that also gives you access various trackers. Our favourite were Diaper Tracker and Feed-Tracker. The app is also a database of medically approved articles, tips and videos, that can provide you with a wealth of information related to bringing up your little one. The New York Times has said about the app that – “It is arguably more practical and useful than many of the others combined”.

Beyond the three categories

While these are the broad categories, there are lot of other apps that help you in myriad ways in your days with your little one. For instance, there are Baby monitoring apps that can turn your phone into a fully functional baby monitor and alarm. There is a whole set of apps to help you during pregnancy, with features like tracking your progress, due date calculators and the ability to connect with other expecting moms. There are also thousands of games for babies of various ages.

There are hundreds of apps for to help you bring up your little bundle of joy. Pick one based on her age and your need, and get cracking!

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