Android Apps for Students

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Growing up in these times can both be a curse or a boon, depending on how you choose to see it. If you are a student, for instance, you have access to a whole world of technology, which was not available to your previous generations. So much can be done on a smartphone, over a 3G connection, which was unthinkable when your parents were growing up. So what are some of those apps for your Android smartphone that can make your life easy as a student? Lets take a look.

When it comes to student related apps, the categories are virtually endless. They can however, be broadly classified into few categories.

Organise: As a student you would need a lot of help organising your days, weeks and months. With academic pressure, unscheduled tests and numerous deadlines, the first category of apps will help you organise your life. Look for apps like and Todoist, which are regular organiser apps, that can go a long way to help you manage your schedule. There are also apps like MyStudyLife, which are targeted specifically at students and help you manage your class schedules. This one works across platforms and can help teachers and students come together to manage schedules, deadlines and assignments.

Create and Share: The second category of apps help you do what you do all the time – create and share stuff. Be it lecture notes, or project presentations, there are apps to help you create, store and share content using your phone. The range in this category is pretty large. On one end there are simple apps like Camscanner and Fast Scanner that allow you to snap a picture of some text and turn in into a PDF. On the other end are elaborate offerings like Lecturenotes, targeted at users with devices that work with a stylus, for effortless note-taking and sharing. On the side there are apps like Real Calc and Andiegraph – that turn your phone into powerful scientific calculators and graph generators. Bye-bye bulky scientific calculators! In a sub-category of this, are the aggregators like Slideshare and Dropbox. Use them as repository of content created and shared by users like you.

Learn: The next line of apps help you do what you are here to do. Learn. These are apps that help you find information, solutions to problems, and answers to questions. From the simple yet powerful Wikipedia app, to the much talked about Wolfram Alpha, these are apps that can help you find information – when you need it, and as you need it. Wolfram Alpha, for instance, can find answers to really technical question, where even Google can’t be of much help. Another amazing app in this category is Photomath. Struggling with a math problem? Snap a photo of the problem and the app shows you a step-by-step solutions. Other notable offerings in this category are Scribd – that can help you find and download reading material, Feedly – that can help you keep updated on specific topics, and the TED app.

Learn More: Taking ‘Learning’ a step further, are the last category of apps, which offer you full-fledged courses off your phone. Top of the list is the Coursera app. It offers you the entire functionality of the Coursera website including downloading lessons and submitting assignments. Udemy and Khan Academy are other such offerings where you can take full courses, a small helping of some topic, or just a short video byte on a chosen field.

The list of apps for students at various stages is truly endless. But whatever be your specific need, chances are, someone somewhere has written an app for that! So log on to Play store, and play around!

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