Android Apps for Free Movies

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Mobile applications, or “apps,” have become an integral part of life for everyone who owns a smart mobile phone. In a way, apps have simplified a life full of demands and have made multitasking easier. There are apps for every need, necessity, want, and requirement. You name it; we have it.

These apps are developed by software programmers—who might be freelancers or company employees—to develop apps for various services. Apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store for android phone users and the App Store for iPhone users.

One such app, which is in demand among all age groups, is an app for free movies. Since most of the apps on an android can be downloaded for free, most people opt for android apps for free movies if they have android smart phones.

Free movies, just the thought of them, causes some tingle of happiness in our inner selves. There’ve been a large number of android apps offering millions of free movies to watch, back to back at any time, as long as you get connected on the internet.

Well, so far so good.

But how does the actual concept of free movies work with android apps?

Here is the cycle.

You download the free app.

Yes, obviously you were given eye-catching multiple genres of movies from which to choose. You get excited, and you watch the first movie full-streamed without any breaks.

It is good to watch movies online. But you have to avoid the fake links that have you downloading the whole 1-GB-sized movie only to find it is not the one you always wanted to watch—in so-called HD (High Definition).

You can get to know the quality of the print in the first two minutes of watching and also discover whether it’s the movie you wanted to watch or another movie. You don’t have to waste the memory for the movie; just access it, use it, forget it, or leave it at any time.

After watching two to three movies, you will discover the downside of “free movie apps.” Here comes the spoiler. After every half hour, there is an interval where you have to watch a two-to-five-minute commercial. Some people feel it’s okay to have commercial breaks since they are watching the whole movie for free. Fine, people will even accept irritating commercial breaks at times when they don’t want them just to enjoy free movies.

When you get used to watching the movie with unwanted commercials, here comes another surprise. You have been given the trial version of the app so that you can watch only limited movies. To continue further, you may be asked to sign up for an upgrade to the “Pro” version, which you usually have to pay for. Yeah, the concept of free movies is long gone now.

The point is, the word “free” is always an attention grabber no matter what the product or service is. Whether or not you actually need or require it, you always get attracted to the word, concept, and luxury of “free,” which is a sure-hit technique used by business. You always end up giving more than you thought was required.

These apps, when they are actually developed and launched, are obviously designed to earn money. Allowing the showing of commercials earns them money (in fact, a huge amount) every time you watch one. When an app gets the attention and participation of an audience, some people don’t feel it is too expensive to pay further to watch more movies.

Well, these apps provide us the comfort of accessing anywhere and anytime. But it’s usually preferable to watch big movies on a big screen. It’s always great to catch up with friends and family or go on a date to the movies.

You can’t hold the hand of your partner when watching an emotional scene while you watch it alone on your 5-inch flat screen. This life should be used to get family, friends, and relationships for life. Let’s not ruin it with free apps.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t get too deep into technology that it keeps you from having a fulfilling life.

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