Alternatives To Windows

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Over the years, many of us, especially if you happen to own a personal computer, know off only one operating system and that is Windows OS. That said, some of us are well aware of the fact that Mac OS also offers another perfect alternative to Windows OS. Other than these two, most of are not aware of the fact that there are a variety of operating systems in the market that are available to you. This article will get to highlight some of the best alternatives to Windows OS.


Other than Mac OS, Linux is another operating system that is widely known by some PC users especially those who are familiar with Windows. As an operating system, Linux has proven to be very powerful given that it comes in a variety of flavors such as Mint, Linux distributions and Ubuntu. That said, Linux has been for years now been the perfect OS alternative to Windows thus installing it on your PC would be a wise decision.

Chrome OS

Google has been known for being the world’s most trusted search engine, but other than that they also have their very own operating system called the Chrome OS. Built on the Linux Kernel, the Chrome OS features a specialized desktop, in place of the user level software and desktop, that runs only Chrome Apps and browser. One thing to note about the Chrome OS is that it is not a general purpose operating system and therefore you will be limited in terms of what you can do with your personal computer and despite the fact that you can be able to install Chrome OS on your personal computer this operating system comes preinstalled on Google’s Chromebooks.

Steam OS

Stream OS by Valve is another alternative to windows that you could take up. In some ways, the Steam OS is similar to Linux Distribution. However, the Steam OS is positioned as an operating system that is designed for gamers. With this operating system installed, you will be able to enjoy great experience while playing games on your personal computer. In beginning of the year Valve announced that a Steam Machine that comes with the Stream OS preinstalled will be available for purchase.


The Android OS is another operating system that uses Linux Kernel. However it is good to note that everything else is totally different when compared to the Linux Distribution. The Android OS was initially built for smart mobile phones. That said, the Android OS despite it being an alternative to Windows it’s not an OS that one should install on their personal computers as it tends to limit what your personal computer can do.

Mac OS

Lastly we get to look at Apple’s Mac OS X. This operating is without a doubt a very popular operating system. It’s good to note that you can be able to install the Mac OS X on your personal computer that is if you are able to get around all the restrictions that Apple has put in place to prevent their OS being used on other non Apple laptops. All in all, the Mac OS X is a perfect alternative to windows.


In conclusion, there are several alternatives to Windows operating system. All you have to do is first of all establish the reason as to why you want to change your personal computer’s OS because most of these operating system are designed for particular purposes. Finally, installing some of these operating systems on your PC is not recommended and if you would want to give them a try, its best that you use virtual machine programs such as VMware Player and VirtuaBox.

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