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Most of us are obsessed with using Skype as “the” video chat or voice call application that we even invented the word ‘skyping’ for making online video calls and so. As the need for skyping increased substantially over the years, so did the emergence of likeminded software platforms increase. And now, when we look at the alternatives, the choices are endless.

Skype has been on the top undisturbed for many years and it was just doing great at it. And quite surprising was the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft for a colossal amount of US$ 8.5 billion in 2011. Skype was evidently on a downward spiral and soon it had security concerns and also issues on privacy and the overall quality. Can’t get any better for the video conferencing and voice call alternatives to make their entry. Quite obvious was the Hangouts by Google‘s entry while Microsoft was struggling to maintain Skype’s quality. Hangouts is presently considered one of the best option for business conferencing and what more, it also does group video conferences for up to 10 participants and the quality isn’t compromised a bit.

Apart from formal business conferences , if you’re just looking for easy casual video chats and instant messaging, ooVoo is an impressive option. With 65 percent of its users under 25 years, ooVoo is increasingly gaining popularity in the US. In addition, it also allows up to 12 participants in a free video conference concurrently. Viber is another ad free application which started out as a mobile app. And now it offers services in a wide range of platforms including Mac, Android, Windows PC etc. It offers free voice chat and instant messaging once the application is installed at both the ends. They also provide Viber to mobile number or landline calls across the globe for low call charges.

   Skype’s open and unreliable nature is thwarted out by Tox, which comes with encryption to ensure that no one is listening while you connect with your friends and family. They provide free peer to peer instant texting and video chatting. Again, it is also easily accessible and ad free. Therefore, encryption provided is undoubtedly an added advantage for Tox, and it leaves a better option for those looking for extra privacy. Voxox is yet another high end app focusing on free voice calls, texting and also allows sharing of media sharing. It is presently offered in 37 languages which is quite awesome.

These are some of the better off alternatives to Skype. There are still thousands of similar applications with the sole aim of making interconnections simpler, effective and cheaper. Skype maybe synonymous to video chatting and voice calling, but who doesn’t like a change even while there are numerous potentially powerful contenders who are waiting for the right moment to dig in into the mainstream?

A great deal of universities and other organizations in the US used Skype to attract international students and are given a walkthrough on the campus environment whilst they clear all the online interviews which is again in Skype’s secure hands. But things change over time and now that there are software models that are specialized on online interviewing and conferencing exclusively. GoToMeeting, UberConference and Webex are some such alternatives which offer excellent service.

While all these newcomer software platforms contest one another, there are yet some old school software giants who have recently integrated video conferencing into their weaponry and two such giants are Facebook and Whatsapp.

Skype is never forgotten, but people always look out for new and interesting lands to discover and so does it work. After all customers can have all the freedom to choose from.

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