Alternatives To PayPal

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Online shopping is a very fun and exciting activity if you happen to shop at the rite site. But, there are certain elements that have prevented many from taking it up. For example, many people are usually concerned with the payment process and in particular about their credit card information and whether or not it will be safe if they chose to engage in online shopping. Many are also concerned about the security of their mobile transaction in that they will not be able to get a refund in an event that something goes wrong with the payment.

This is the main reason why PayPal, an online international payment service, was introduced some few years back. With PayPal you can easily make payments online without having to necessarily worry much about the security of your card as well as your transaction. But, despite the fact that PayPal is extremely popular, there are certain elements that have prevented some from taking it up for instance their rules and regulations and this has made many people look for other alternatives to PayPal. If you are among those who are not in the PayPal band wagon then this post will highlight the perfect alternatives to PayPal that you can pick up today.

Money Bookers (Skrill)

Money Bookers, popularly known as Skrill, allows individuals to easily send and receive money online. In particular Skrill is more focused into sending money between two or more users because they are very few merchants online that will allow you to use their services. Despite this particular fact, Skrill still remains a perfect alternative to PayPal due to the fact that you can be able to send money anywhere in the world regardless of the currency of the money. There are two things that one should note when it comes to Skrill and that is the fact that it works with certain online banking services and that you can be able to send and receive money with your credit or even debit card.

Google Wallet

If there is an online international payment service that rivals PayPal when it comes to popularity then that will have to be Google Wallet. That said, there are two major disadvantages with Google Wallet and that is the fact that it’s strictly for merchants and only available for those living in the US. Other than that Google Wallet offers everything that PayPal does and it allows you to use it either online or while visiting particular local stores in the US.


Previously called AlertPay, Payza allows its users to send and receive money from over 190 countries. In general, Payza is based in Canada and the US and as such they tend to automatically accept credit and debit cards from these two countries. While still on this subject it’s good to note that Payza accepts credit and debit cards from other countries that are well recognized such as the UK. This service offers a variety of possibilities when it comes to funding your account. You can choose to either fund it using a bank transfer or even your credit card. Just like PayPal, you can choose to request someone to pay you money and even send money from one individual to another.


If you are based in New Zealand or Australia and you would like to receive money from individuals who are based in different parts of the world then Paymate is the perfect alternative to PayPal when it comes to online international payment service. Merchants from these two countries will be charged a small fee for using Paymate and all they have to do is simply use this service either on their EBay Australia page or their website. For users, it’s very simple all you have to do is just key-in all your credit card information and you will be able to start making payments. Paymate is perfect for users who don’t want to create an account online but still have the power of purchasing goods and services online.

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