4 Best Apps For Couples

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When you are in love with someone, chances are high that you would want to be connected to that person as much as possible, especially in an event that both of you are far apart from each other. Thanks to technology, you can now easily stay connected with your loved one regardless of how far apart the two of you are thanks to various couple apps. In addition, these apps will help you and your partner deal with a number of aspects in your relationships like knowing each other better and how to be a better partner in your relationship. That said, not all couple apps are great and it might be a hustle finding the right app for you and your partner. Luckily for you, below is a list of 4 best apps for couples that you should try out.

Simply Us

In addition to being a little couple’s app, Simply Us tops the list thanks to its ability of being able to organize your life together. If you and your partner tend to get into silly situations in your relationship, for instance, meeting at the wrong restaurant or even both of you buying two packs of milk then Simply Us is the app for you and your partner. With this app, you and your partner will be able to easily create grocery lists, exchange texts and photos and even create private to do lists. To top it all off, this app allows you and your partner to sync your calendars thus allowing the two of you to find the best time that you are both free. The Simply Us couples app is free on iOS.

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Another great couple app that you and your partner can make use off in your relationship is the Couple app. With Couple installed on your phone, you and your partner can make your relationship memories last longer. Couple allows you and your partner to communicate easily regardless of your distance while still being able to clearly express your mood. You can make phone calls to your partner, exchange texts and even express how you’re feeling with cute stickers and doodles. To top it all off, it allows you to easily share private pictures, which you can set to disappear after a certain period of time, with your partner. This app also allows you and your partner to exchange your to do list and you can also set notifications on a calendar that is shared. If you have been looking for a sexy way to stay connected with your partner then this app was built just for you. Couple is free on both the Android and iOS platform.


In most cases, couples who are new in the neighborhood usually end up not being able to meet up with their partner at the agreed time because one of them ends up getting lost after trying to take a short cut. If these sounds like a situation that you have been in the past with your partner then the WhereAreYouApp was designed specifically for you. With this app you can send your partner’s phone texts asking permission to share their current location temporarily. This app will not cost you anything as it’s free on both iOS and Android platform. In addition, you can use it even without having to install the app on your phone.


Another best app for couples is Between. This couple app has a variety of cool features that have been created with couples in mind. Between allows you to easily create well designed intimate space where you and your partner can easily store and exchange voice messages, animated emotions, cute stickers and even your photos. This couple app has proven to be very popular, in fact immediately after being launched, Between had a million downloads and according to the app’s CEO, Between is highly addictive and those who use it spend an average of 300 minutes a month creating great moments with their partners. The app is free on the Android and iOS platform.

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