30 Android Apps for Programmers

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If you are a programmer or a developer or just someone aspiring to be one, then half of your ‘˜techie’ worries are already over. The other half is taken care by umpteen number of apps which are there to just tweak your curiosity to perfection and lend a helping hand in achieving your ultimate code. Here are 30 apps which could just do the trick for you.

This app allows you to program Android applications directly on your Android device. An integrated development environment (IDE), which provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development, it is compatible with Eclipse projects and makes transferring Android app projects from your computer to your phone quite easy. The free app has a feature rich editor, interactive coding lessons and smart code navigation. One of the more important features is Dropbox compatibility.

2. Algoid
This app is an ideal IDE. It comes with an interpreter, debugger, and scope explorer, as well as an editor with auto-completion and syntax highlighting. It is primarily for educational use.

3. AndFTP

With this free app, you simply input your FTP settings and transfer files in no time.

4. AndroidScript programming IDE
This is a JavaScript-based app development environment that lets you use your computer as a remote IDE over Wi-Fi. The app supports GPS, compass, camera, and accelerometer, and even native as well as HTML5 controls. It can interact with services to send and receive SMS and email, as well as create home page shortcuts.

5. C/C++ Compiler
This app allows conversion of every programming language from C++ to Java to Python to Ruby. Using this app, you can write, compile, run and debug programs.

6. C4droid

The app utilizes the popular GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), which is the preferred compiler for Unix users, and it lets you compile your C code. It can help you create your own applications on Android device and run them even without Internet access. It comes with a source code editor with syntax highlighting, tabs, code completion, and more. You can also export and share your programs as APKs or native executables. The set up is a little tricky. It can also compile C++ too, but you may need to ‘˜root’ your phone to get access to this feature.

7. C Programming Quiz
If you are learning C programming, this app tests your knowledge in the form of tricky questions and answers.

8. C Programming Reference
This app is a reference tool for programmers working on C. It has an easy-to-use reference tool.

9. Code Peeker
An extremely lightweight code reader, this app allows you to read your source code with syntax highlighting, and even look up snippets. It enhances current coding knowledge by highlighting your past coding expertise. It is helpful when you are programming on your computer but want to use your phone as an external monitor to keep other code open as a reference.

10. ConnectBot SSH Client
A free open-source app, it allows users to connect to any Linux machine running an SSH client. Users can transfer files remotely and create remote telnet sessions. A must-have for Linux administrators.

11. Developer Tools
The app allows an Android developer to view the resource qualifiers used on the device. You can also see the system features that are available, and details about the display and its sizes. It also provides links to other utilities that were useful

12. Deuter IDE
This app is a feature-heavy IDE supporting over 40 languages. It comes packed with tons of features including syntax highlighting, automatic indentation and Dropbox sync. There are also virtual keys for commonly used programming symbols.

13. DrawExpress Diagram
This is a gesture-recognition diagramming application that lets you draw diagrams and flowcharts. You can go over Unified Modeling Language (UML) and network diagrams, and even make diagrams of business processes and mind maps, including flowcharts, organization charts. A free ‘˜Lite’ version is available.

14. DroidDia
This app also allows you to draw flow charts, mind maps, and other diagrams. The user interface is based on picking objects from a gallery and dragging them into place. DroidDia supports using JPEG and PNG bitmaps.

15. DroidEdit

An ideal source code editor, it is packed with features for speeding up your work, like search and replace and keyboard shortcuts. It is a text and source code editor and enables syntax highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL…). It has several color themes, infinite undo & redo and even search & replace. There is a Pro version too that allows support for SFTP, Dropbox, custom themes, root mode and SSH.

16. ES File Explorer File Manager

This app provides users with an easy way to browse through the files and folders. The app makes renaming, deleting or moving files and folders quite easy. It also provides Bluetooth sharing, Samba file-sharing via Wi-Fi, as well as built-in support for ZIP and RAR file types.

17. Frink Programming Language
A practical calculating tool and programming language, the app is designed to make physical calculations simple. It also contains a large data file of physical quantities. It supports Android-specific functionality, such as drawing graphics, using sensors, reading the GPS, etc.

18. Google’s Mobile App Analytics
With this app, users can track website data to improve ROI, improve search engine rankings, and identify and analyze audience and traffic issues.

19. HC-16C Programmer’s Calculator Free
The app can conduct binary, octal, and hex conversions and calculations along with logical operations.

20. Java Code Viewer
It is not just Java code that you can view with this app, but you can also view C#, C/C++, CSS, PHP, ASP and JavaScript. It is a simple code viewer and has syntax highlighting, word find, and line numbers.

21. Java Quick Reference Cards
This app has cheat sheets on Java and even a Java programming guide.

22. kWS – Android Web Server Pro
This free app can implement a web server running HTTP 1.0 with basic and digest authentication and can support most file types.

23. Pocket Cloud
This app lets you run applications and access files on remote Windows or Mac computers from anywhere. The Pro version supports VMware. It can get through firewalls if an agent is running on the remote computer. It works well over Wi-Fi and 4G.

24. Programmer Keyboard
Most programmers who have tried to get work done on their phone keyboards know that it can be a real pain. This app gives you access to a full QWERTY keyboard and code completion.

25. SQLTool Pro Database Editor

This app helps you to manage a MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase ASE, MariaDB, Derby, or Oracle database from your Android device. It also supports Secure Shell, commonly known as SSH tunneling to connect, control, query and manage several different types of databases.

26. Syntax Highlighted Code Editor
This app allows you to edit HTML, CSS, PHP, C/C++ and just about anything else. This app also supports Python, Java, CoffeeScript, Haskel, Clojure, and Groovy, and is primarily meant for web developers. But note that it is not a ‘˜What You See Is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) editor.

27. Terminal IDE
The is an expandable terminal application with a full Java / C / C++ / HTML / Android development kit. It uses the command line with open-source applications and a custom ASCII on-screen ‘˜soft’ keyboard. You can use Ctrl, Alt, Esc and other keys that are not on the typical Android keyboard. It can log in using SSH and Telnet – the network protocols, to use your computer to program on your Android device.

28. VT View Source
The app support viewing HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML sources from web pages or remote files. It even provides code highlighting, line numbers and text wrapping to fit your devices’ screen.

29. WebMaster’s HTML Editor
The app supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP and the full version allows for complete preview and code support.

30. Wifi Analyzer
The app gives you a quick look at the Wi-Fi networks active near your location, showing you their channel assignment and strengths.

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