Facts about Taurus

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There are twelve astrological signs in the present Zodiac out of which Taurus is supposed to be the second. It is located between 27.25o and 54.75o of the celestial longitude. The sun transits this area between April 20 and May 20 each year. Hence people born during this period are called Taureans and come under the Zodiac sun sign of Taurus.

Just as every other Zodiac constellation this sign is also assigned a symbol and that is of the “Bull”. In ancient Mesopotamia it was also referred to as the “Bull of Heaven” as it is a sun sign through which the sun rises on the vernal equinox. In certain parts of Egypt, Taurus is seen as the “Cow Goddess, Hathor”. The Roman astrologers considered Taurus to be ruled by Venus, the Goddess of beauty.

Let us now consider some facts of Taurus.

Astronomical facts about the constellation:

  • Taurus can be seen with the naked eye in the Northern Hemisphere during autumn and winter.
  • When viewed from the Southern Hemisphere it is visible from spring through summer. It is to be noted that it would appear in an inverted position.
  • This is one of the largest star formations in the sky.
  • The biggest and brightest star in the formation is Aldebaran. It is supposed to be more powerful than our Sun.
  • The supernova remnants known as Crab Nebula as well as the star cluster Pleiades are located within the constellation boundaries.

Mythological Aspect:

  • There is a Greek connection associated with many constellations and Taurus is one of them.
  • It makes reference to the romantic adventures of Zeus with princess Europa.
  • Zeus took the form of a bull and eloped with her to Crete Island where he declared her as his mistress.

The main stars in the constellation:

  • Aldebaran: This is the biggest star in the constellation with its luminosity being 500 times that of the sun. It is supposed to have a diameter about 45 times that of the sun.
  • Elnath: This star forms the tip of the constellation.
  • Crab Nebula: A massive supernova explosion sometime way back during the 11th century resulted in the formation of the Crab Nebula.
  • Pleiades: This is a star cluster which is visible to the naked eye as it is comparatively closer to the Earth.

Fun Facts about Taurus:

  • Strong and dependable: Just as is the nature of the Bull, the Taureans are believed to be strong willed and dependable. This behavior can sometimes border on being stubborn but it is believed to be the most stable sign of the Zodiac.
  • Importance to domestic affairs: The Taureans are said to be endowed with a good sense of humor and intelligence. They love to have their family with them and are said to make great friends.
  • Career and Money aspects: As they are stable in nature, they work hard to earn their money. They have a great sense of punctuality and are supposed to be excellent managers of financial affairs. Planning is something which comes naturally to them.
  • Cupid connection: They are believed to be extremely sensual to touch. It has been seen that mates are often from same status in society. They are great gift givers.

Other small facts about Taureans:

  • Health: The anatomical areas of Taureans are the throat, neck, mouth, vocal chords and the lower teeth.
  • Ruling Planet: Venus is the ruling planet for Taurus.
  • Color: The favorite color of Taurus is pink.
  • Gemstone: The emerald is the main stone for Taureans.
  • Lucky numbers: 2 and 8 are considered luck for Taurus.
  • Compatibility: Virgo and Capricorn are the most compatible for Taurus.
  • Opposite sign: Scorpio is the opposite sign to Taurus
  • Famous Taureans: Jack Nicholson, Janet Jackson, David Beckham, George Clooney, Leonardo da Vinci.

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