Facts About Libras

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Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. The Sun is in Libra from September 23 to October 22 so people born between these dates are called Libras. The first six signs of the Zodiac focus on the individual but the last six, starting with Libra, focus on relationships with others. Libras are the exemplification of that. Their main traits have to do with how they relate with the world around them. The sun sign is symbolised by scales or a balance. It is the only inanimate sign; animals or people represent all others. This is representative of their strong drive towards justice and balance.

Personality Traits of Libras:

Primary amongst all traits of Libras is their need for harmony and balance. They exhibit this trait in all walks of their life—career, individual choices, relationships. They will avoid confrontations and try to please everyone around them. In their quest to avoid stirring up trouble, they often end up taking diplomatic stands in fights. Sometimes their need for peace will push them to lie. However, this behaviour does not come from a place of malice but rather a harmless desire to keep harmony.

Libras rarely speak in absolute terms and prefer relative terms. They have the ability to look at all sides of any argument. Though this is an enviable trait, it can also backfire. Libras may come across as indecisive and fickle. They seem unable to make up their minds or take a stand. The combination of their need for harmony and their ability to see other’s points of view means that they almost never take sides in a debate or fight.

The balance scales that represent this sun sign also symbolise their quest for justice and fairness. They are able to remain objective, they believe that rules are necessary for a civilised society and injustice rankles at them. They will often pick careers through which they feel they can correct the inequalities in the world.

Libras are sociable by nature. They enjoy spending time with others and do not hesitate to be involved in family or social gatherings. They are compassionate and good listeners and make excellent friends. They are constantly seeking romantic relationships and it would be odd for a Libra to be single for a long time. Even on a professional level, they work well in groups, are able to take on leadership roles and motivate others.

Libra is rules by the planet Venus. Libras tend to suave individuals with a strong penchant for aesthetics. They are attracted to the finer things in life. They value outer beauty both in material objects and in people and this can appear superficial. Their proclivity for expensive or culturally refined experiences and objects makes them seem materialistic and snobbish. However, some of this effect is reduced by their charm and diplomacy. Libras will always know the right thing to say at the right time.

Positive Personality Traits: Tactful, diplomatic, just, charming, peace loving, sociable

Negative Personality Traits: Indecisive, superficial, and materialistic

Career Choices:

Diplomacy goes a long way in bringing about success in a career and Libras are chockful of that. The best careers for Libras are those that involve justice or aesthetics. They do well in occupations like police officers, lawyers, judge, social work, civil servants, diplomats, interior decorators and fashion.


Every sun sign has a part of the body attached to it. For Libras it is the lower back and kidneys. They usually do not have many problems with health but those two body parts are the ones they should be taking care of the most.

Other Facts:

  • Element: Air
  • Color: Blue
  • Gemstone: Sapphire
  • Lucky Talisman: Copper
  • Lucky Numbers: 1,2 and 7
  • Famous Libras: Kate Winslet, Matt Damon, Julie Andrews, Serena Williams, Groucho Marx, Sting, Dwight Eisenhower, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Bruce Springsteen

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